Apple’s iOS4 finally got jailbroken… the easy way

Well that was quick. The iPhone Dev Team (Comex) has unleashed a very easy way to jailbreak iOS devices running on iOS4 or iOS 4.0.1 (not beta) using only Mobile Safari. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can simply go to to initiate the jailbreak.


Don’t get too excited though. There are also plenty of people wanting to jailbreak their device and reports say that servers are getting overloaded and this might result into a “œbrick”. I say give it a couple of days.

You can also try which is hosted on a different server as an alternative.

If you want to unlock your iPhone, you still need to do it via ultrasn0w 9.4.

Here’s a video on how JailbreakMe works.

via 9 to 5 Mac

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