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Apple’s iPad and the Android, biggest winners of 2010

iPad and Android, kings of 2010

Looking back at 2010, we saw how things in the gadget world turned out. 2009 was the year of the netbook and we thought it was the tablet’s time to shine in 2010 with the introduction of the Apple iPad paving the way for touch screen mobile internet devices. However, it didn’t pan out that well for other manufacturers especially those who went with Windows OS.

Apple’s iPad was a huge success despite the negative comments it got from different tech sites including ours. We thought it wouldn’t do well when it was introduced. With it having no support for Flash or USB drives and all, but we were wrong”¦ big time. It turned out to be one of the most, if not the most popular gadget of 2010. It doesn’t choose market segments. Techie people, management, field workers, senior citizens, toddlers, youngsters and everybody else will find a use for the iPad.

Competitors knew that they need to have a slice of the tablet market and where did they turn to? Android! Along with the iPad, the biggest winner of 2010 was Google’s Android. It was Android, and not Windows, that manufacturers used to compete with Apple’s iOS and Samsung led the way with its Galaxy Tab. Then there’s also Archos, Cherry Mobile, Redfox and a slew of unknown China-made Android-powered tablet PCs.

Now with Android phones, there were quite a few phones in the market to start the year but HTC wasn’t a popular brand back then. When Samsung released the first affordable Android phone in the form of Spica, it made people look but it still wasn’t enough.

With the influx of more affordable Android smartphones in the market from Cherry Mobile, LG and Sony Ericsson, it was the move that made Filipinos consider trying their hands on a different phone other than a Nokia. This further cemented Android’s place in the local mobile market.

For next year, definitely tablets would play a major role in the gadget world. Google is going to release the tablet-centric version of their Android and I’m thinking Windows Phone 7 will play a bit of a role too for tablets. However, Apple would still probably lead the way with the second coming of the iPad. I guess it’s too late for e-Book readers to make some waves here in the country.

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  • sam

    if this blog is for the Philippines then i dont think Ipad or tablets will succeed here. Most cannot afford apps for these gadgets. Just look at cell phones how many do you think buy apps or download songs,news, streaming, etc. Please be realistic about your assessment about gadgets when it involve Philippine setting. Your opinion is influenced by bloggers from the UU

    • i don’t know if you live in the Philippines but jailbreaking is rampant here. As for phones, you don’t know the spending mentality of Filipinos, most are willing to spend more than they can to get a high-end phone. Apps for Android phones? only the free ones are available in the Android Market here. =)

      • Jim

        totally agree with you Calvin.

        @sam: 😛

    • Yes, I agree with calvin. @sam And also there are FREE apps you know? Please be also realistic. JB is always an option. If you’re from the US you also know that JailBreaking is legal in your state.

  • franciscae

    what is your comment about china made android tablets? my sister is planning get one. thanks!

    • Hmm… I wouldn’t recommend it to friends that’s all.

  • “I guess it’s too late for e-Book readers to make some waves here in the country.”

    Partly true. E-readers may never make as big of a wave as tablets computers but that’s because they’re a niche gadget. And despite (or even because of that) I know they have already made quite an impression here especially to avid book readers.

    That said, I look forward for better and more affordable tablet computers this year. Leaning more towards an Android myself. 😀

    • waiting mode on cheaper and nice tablet or android phone.. 🙂

  • sarah bing

    nice blog
    thanks 🙂