Apple’s Mac App Store opens with 1,000 apps

Mac users can now enjoy the same benefits of its mobile siblings when it comes to downloading and updating apps from the internet. The Mac App Store is similar to the iTunes App Store but with applications built specifically for the Mac.

Mac App Store

It is built right into the OS already which you can also get as part of the recent OS X update (10.6.6). Similar to the iOS App Store being integrated into the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Same process is involved when acquiring applications. Browse the store, click and buy, enter your OS X password and download. It will install itself and appear in your dock when finished.

Updating is easy as well. Just like with the iOS App Store, you can update all or manually select a program to update when it becomes available. No need to look for those installers as well when you get yourself a new Mac. Just log in to your account and re-download the apps that you purchased.

So what kind of apps are included in the 1,000 listed right now? There’s the popular Evernote, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and you get to specifically pick which apps to buy from Apple’s bundled iLife and iWork suite. The iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand are being sold for $15 apiece, Aperture is at $79 and each iWork application costs $20 each. As for Windows and Adobe apps? They’re still waiting to see how the Mac App Store pans out.

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