Apple’s new iPod Touch

Apple has replaced its entire line of iPods just a while ago. The rumored touch screen iPod is now confirmed which is very similar to the iPhone. The iPod Touch comes in 8 and 16 GB flash drives plus a full 3.5 inch 480 x 320 pixel screen.

iPod Touch

This new generation iPods will now come with wifi 802.1 b/g connectivity and can access a special Mobile iTunes Store. Music playback is rated at 22 hours while video lasts for 5 hours. The decision to use flash drives instead of HDDs gave way for a much thinner 8mm form factor and longer battery life despite the wider screen.

iPod Touch

Since it has built-in wifi, the iPod Touch also comes with the Safari browser, a YouTube client, Cover Flow, Wifi Music Store and a partnership with Starbucks to download music directly from any Starbucks coffee shop.

Now retails at the Apple Store for $299 and $399 a pop. I have this feeling the iPhone might lose some attention because of this.

There’s a new fatty iPod Nano and the iPod Classic has been bumped up to 160GB too.

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