Apple’s new iPod Touch

Apple has replaced its entire line of iPods just a while ago. The rumored touch screen iPod is now confirmed which is very similar to the iPhone. The iPod Touch comes in 8 and 16 GB flash drives plus a full 3.5 inch 480 x 320 pixel screen.

iPod Touch

This new generation iPods will now come with wifi 802.1 b/g connectivity and can access a special Mobile iTunes Store. Music playback is rated at 22 hours while video lasts for 5 hours. The decision to use flash drives instead of HDDs gave way for a much thinner 8mm form factor and longer battery life despite the wider screen.

iPod Touch

Since it has built-in wifi, the iPod Touch also comes with the Safari browser, a YouTube client, Cover Flow, Wifi Music Store and a partnership with Starbucks to download music directly from any Starbucks coffee shop.

Now retails at the Apple Store for $299 and $399 a pop. I have this feeling the iPhone might lose some attention because of this.

There’s a new fatty iPod Nano and the iPod Classic has been bumped up to 160GB too.

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  • Cool, new swag for Christmas. 🙂 Hopefully those great Chinese accessory makers ship their iPod touch in the same time as well.

  • iLike!

  • This means orig Ipods will get cheaper, doesn’t it? 😀

  • I want a new gen Nano 🙂 The iPod Touch — not yet. I don’t trust the touch screen yet. Maybe after this generation or two, I’d consider one.

  • Johnny

    Booo Ipod touch 16gb for $400? They also removed email capability even though its running the same OS as the iphone.

  • neshie

    when will this be available in the philippines? is this available in greenbelt?

  • neon

    panget po ung screen niya mas darker siya sa iphone

  • Jayson

    good day everyone,availabale na ba ang ipod touch dito sa philippines? how much kaya yung 8g? and saang mga stores availabale ito? dito me sa tacloban hopefully sa cebu meron na kasi masa malapit ako sa cebu kesa sa manila… thanks…

  • iPod Touch will be available by November according to the tech lady in PowerMac in Greenbelt. Starting price I believe will be PHP 16K. So there is still time to save up.

  • _0_

    actually available na xya… yung ung iba dyan nag dudunung dunungan … at yung iba dyan pangit daw ang ipod touch, la naman pambili.. ingit lang

  • All ipod touch users. Calling all Pinoy. Lets Hack our iPod

  • where i can buy that stuff in greenbelt what store?

  • Available na Cya Sa Sm.
    Naka order na mom koh ng 16gig engraved sa Japan at natanggap na nya tpos darating na skn sa Oct.23
    Gusto koh snang mlman kung panoh napapagana yung safari kc dba may wi-fi connection cya.
    kc dba syang naman kung di koh magamit yung connection nya at pra maging sulit naman.


  • The price will be P19,090 for the 8 gigabyte version and P25,490 for the 16 gigabyte version.

  • Its_unbeLievabLe

    is it available in ATC???if it is, where in ATC??pls someone tell me!tnx in advance

  • Noli Angeles

    If I have a choice I still go for iPod Video subok ko na!!

  • i love this one……… sbi ko sa inyo ang gnda n2 very…….

  • mgnda din ipod video… meron din aq nun……

  • jess

    cnu meron alam n nagbebenta ng ipod touch n slightly used?just txt me at 09174421514 if may alam kau.tnx

  • inutil

    actually maganda ang ma features nya pero ang problem lng eh pagnawla ung sensitivity nya..

  • I don’t think the iphone would loose some attention because of itouch. iphone buyers are looking for a phone they won’t consider itouch as an alternative for sure.

  • robertmaniquiz

    kailangan ko po ng ipod touch….if my available….slightly used po …email me na lang sa [email protected]


  • robertmaniquiz

    ayan po ung site ng ipod touch here sa pilipinas …..pati price

    wala lang

    available na sya alm ko…..kc pag wala pa malamang nakalagay namn eh

  • Selling Ipod Touch 32gb for 17k only !!

    3 weeks used only !!

    Purpose : I need to buy a laptop !!

    Place: Sta Mesa, Manila !!

    Text me if interested 09167676701

  • pricelist as of may 19, 2010
    Shuffle 4gb 3,700
    Nano 8gb 5th 7,100
    Nano 16gb 5th 8,500
    classic 160gb 10,800
    iTouch 8gb 9,000
    iTouch 32gb 13,200
    iTouch 64gb 17,700

  • I have 1st generation ipod touch 8gb still working now and i love it.