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Are our telcos ready for disaster recovery?

From Cell carriers tackle Katrina damage:

Mobile phone operators Thursday were gearing up in the area devastated by Hurricane Katrina to restore cell phone service, the only communications lifeline for some of those displaced by the disaster.

Service was out on Thursday across much of New Orleans and the parts of Mississippi and Alabama hit by the storm. Where cell phones did work, circuits often were jammed and callers turned to text messaging to communicate, according to Jim Gerace, a spokesman for Verizon Wireless.

The mobile operators would be more crucial over here. More people have mobile phones than fixed lines. Are our telcos ready with the disaster recovery procedures necessary to bring communications back online?

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  • Krakista

    We’ve had earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, lahar, brownouts, coup d’etats, gazillions of typhoons, and destruction of cellsites by NPA’s. We’re prolly the most disaster-prepared country in the world.

  • Yeah… that’s because we live in a disaster already 😉

    Seriously, im sure telcos would be able to afford to prepare for super disasters if they choose to. It is just not required by government 😉

    Speaking of which, do we have an emergency broadcast system in the Philippines? i never heard of it yet.

    i guess we have more important tasks at hand like poverty alleviation 🙂