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Are we ready for some RFID-powered shopping?

An entry at Engadget about “Fujitsu’s RFID and LCD equipped Shopping Navis Wagon” sparked quite a discussion among our PTB contributors.

RFID Shopping Wagon

An old friend and college batchmate proposed that we should go into the RFID business. He said is a fairly new item now in the country and there’s basically limitless commercial use for RFID. He added that he has wide experience with the technology from his work with OOCL so we’ll have the advantage as first movers. I am well aware of the technology but have not heard of any company that’s using it locally.

My question to him then was “Are we ready some RFID-powered shopping?”

We have Makro, Shopwise, PureGold and the SM Malls that could adapt the technology and make shopping more convenient to its customers. It’s hip and trendy as well. But will the “extra” cost of enabling this technology compensate for the promised increase in sales and customer traffic?

What are your thoughts on this? On-the-go shopping, automated inventory, programmable park/museum tours, auto-debit tollways and a whole lot more.

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  • ahhhhhhhh, no..

    i mean it.. hehe..

  • banana

    yeah i could work, as long as walang skwater na nanakaw, paglalaruan at sisirain lang yung mga LCD, and I’m sure repairing at replacing those LCD isn’t going to be cheap. The mall has to sell thousands of Chippy just to compensate for the repair and replacement.

  • it will also be good for supply chain solutions

  • perseph0ne

    I do my grocery shopping only once a month. Don’t have a lot of time to spend in there… This new technology would be very convenient to use. Especially if it can help me locate certain items, and if it informs me of promos and such.

    I’m not so sure about the high maintainance cost vs. increased sales and customer traffic though. But i DO know that i’d choose the grocery with RFID powered shopping over my grocery next door. That’s one customer gauranteed.

  • Fleeb

    Wouldn’t that be an additional cost per chip? I think it will work for selected grocery stores or malls.

  • mark

    this is good.. if cost of the chips is the problem why not return these RFID chips on the packaging process?? or would that make it inconvenient for the customers..

  • froi

    can i have a circuit and program of this one? this would be a great project hehe..