Are You Running Vista Already?

  • hehe, and i wonder what kind of freebies were in the event.. a Free Vista installer?

  • Whoa, i was expecting “Big” freebies like an Xbox or a free Vista Installer (even just one) but when i came there, i was bombarded by brochures. Sure there were free ditigal cameras but only for those who bought vista from 2-3 PM (ggrrrr!). But i got to try out Vista and it looks pretty.

  • I still have that preview version na hindi ko naman na install.

  • nightfox, the question is, what “tons of freebies” will be there at the [email protected] vista launch? šŸ˜€

  • vista? nope. And I don’t love it. What makes it attractive to me is the graphical interface, but i’d have to spend a couple of bills to upgrade my entire system. Buying vista means, buying a package. Thats new drivers and new os. I’ll stick with linux though, been having it for a long time. Vista? Nah, only lasts for 10 years or so.

  • There were free movie tickets however the line was sooooo long. There was also a raffle..i lost the flyer with me. The free digital camera was a 3.2mp canon digicam if I can recall. The Vista launching was supposed to be okay but the place should have been somewhere else at tha Mall of Asia. It was basically crowded. Windows Vista’s graphics was okay but it resembled more of yahoo widgets. You won’t really see much of a difference until you tweak with it for a while.

  • Marcus

    I’ve installed the Vista Beta 1 version then, it was just a Windows XP Pro with a black theme… I also got a copy of the Vista RTM and installed it in VPC (i don’t want to crash my PC yet) and it was ok but was very resource hungry. It was eating up through my P4 and 1 Gb of RAM. I won’t let go of my WinXP OS yet, it still has 2 more years of support from MS…

  • I guess MS didn’t really succeed in “exciting” the users to upgrade.

    Me, I’d probably start using Vista if and when I get an upgraded corporate laptop (we use Dell) and it ships with Vista.

  • Nope not yet, not unless other apps will require DX10 to run then I just have to grab one. But Im still happy with XP Pro.

  • I guess Vista was “OK” for a much awaited upgrade to the aging XP but now “WOW” in the innovations especially most of it’s new “innovations” were ripped off from OS X. Regarding, the launch I had similar opinion of the not so WOW Vista Launch in MOA.

  • pissed_off

    can we have a more sensible discussion, not this nonsense vista in the philippines…heck, some PCs are still using win98! the whole Microsoft crap is just eating away our time and resources.

    to all PTB bloggers, can u just come up with more interesting discussions and blog posts.

  • This is a sensible discussion. Whether you like Microsoft or not, their product launch is still significant.

  • baluga

    cancel or allow? see the new mac ads.

  • i’m happy with my WinXP.

  • Jan Goyena

    I read a nice post about an Vista installation experience from a writer in PWIT. I want to post the link but I cant acess any of the wordpress blogs. WIZ in SBC Katips is no good.

  • This one? Vistado. Now, if the distributors would lend the Pinoy Tech Blog those 169,000 peso laptops…

  • iandelacruz

    im still happy with my ubuntu haha

  • i’ll wait for it’s service pack 2

  • a friend got a cardboard fan of MS vista but he got more laughs from preventing to make himself slip in comparing the ‘innovative’ features to that of Apple’s.

  • ichi

    well.. what can I say about VISTA?

    VI- Viruses
    S- Spywares
    T- Trojans
    A- Adwares

    Still Open Source Software’s still the best! I’m still proud using ubuntu 7.10

  • Vangie Dakota

    yes, I am using it. I need a power and speed to “make money”. I need powerful software for Digital Video and definitely Vista OS is the right choice over XP,nappp for linux! Professonal software I used for digital video do not operate with Linux.

    Oh! Maybe those user’s in Philippines who simply do chatting and emailing do not need it, but here in abroad – – we need the best of the best to get the best result of work.

  • If your computer is too slow don’t try to use Vista..