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Are you taking advantage of Smart’s free Facebook access?

We just posted Globe’s Facebook for Every Phone app and their free access to Facebook earlier but it seems that Smart beat them to it. The question is for Smart subscribers, are you taking advantage of this limited trial period of free Facebook access?

Facebook for Every Phone is an application Facebook has in partnership with telcos around the world to bring Facebook to those using feature phones that can install Java applications. This app uses less data than other similar applications or mobile sites, enabling it to be much cheaper for people to use.


For a limited time, Smart is offering free access to Facebook when you have this app installed on your phone. This means you can update status, check news feeds, send FB messages and use other Facebook specific features without getting charged for mobile data consumption. Smart is only offering this free trial until Oct. 14 (already started mid-July).

To receive the download link, people need only to text the keyword FB to 211. This SMS is free of charge. They will then receive a text message containing the download link for the application, which is installed with a single click on the link.

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  • Griswold

    siguro pag ginwang libre ito lalakas lalo benta ng mga low-end phones and feature phones.

  • razorous

    Hi, noob question here…Is the java download link any different from the one you get when accessing http://m.facebook.com, and getting the app from there via wifi? Coz I already have it installed and IS working great via wifi. When sending FB to 211, is it the link that Smart txts back have something special encoded in them that makes it free? Baka ma-regular 3G fee ako mapunta, sayang kasi 10 petot ko Hehehe… I’m using Smart btw

    • i think so. you should get it directly from smart.

  • michael

    Cannot open the link sent by 2910, I am Globe user. my phone Samsung Galaxy Ace. Any help?

    • java phone only. no androids.

      • virgos

        what about for tha Samsung SGH U250?? .how to download JAVA and facebook

  • king

    ayaw nmn gumana…. kaasar

  • Im Globe user How can I install this app on my phone ? may java naman ako !