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PTB has been getting quite a number of feedback from visitors and while we do not claim we know everything in IT, we try to answer each one of them as much as we can.

We then realized it would be better if we throw the question to our regular readers as well as you might have some idea or additional information you’d like to contribute.

So here’s some of the emails we get:

Just want to know if there such a thing as a web or internet police wherein ecommerce scams can be reported and black listed so that others will not fall victim to these cyber criminals? To name the sites its “” and “” both are posing as legitimate sites but once you try calling their customer support then you’ll know they are scammers.

hey guys.. ive only been on this forum for a week or so and i would like to commend you on a job well done in keeping filipinos up to date on the current trends in the it genre..

im just wondering tho if you can help me find some articles on this site on how i can or an average juan dela cruz can be more competetive in the business IT arena.. for example, if i have a bisnes here in the phil and i would like to open up in a more profitable market, i.e, like the US or the europe.. i think a lot of aspiring netrepreneur would be delighted to read some paractical do’s and dont’s and some guides, and some technical how to’s..

im referring to something that will explain how i can establish a business here in the phil but accomodates to clients in the US, by rpoviding toll free numbers, (PLDT wont let me have one because i dont have an actual business – imagine me saying this in a sarcastic, moronic, tongue out, with matching rolling eyes expression), on how i can accept payments (visa, mastercard, paypal and checks) from the states to the philippines, the current trends in the e-commerce and so on and so forth.. many freelancer web designer, graphic artist, encoder, and small time manpower provider will benefit on that..

just imagine if i have a webhosting service where i can accept credit cards, paypal and e-checks from the states and give support as well by providing 1-800 virtual toll free number using the voip tech.. actually i found them, but of course, it would be nice to know if i can read something coming from filipinos where i can compare notes with..

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  • i wrote the second one..

    im running a type of site, its a by invitation, free directory listing exclusive for toy retailers and toy manufacturers.. i kinda need a US tollfree but since pldt wont let me have one and since i cant afford to rent equipments from them, i expand my choices and i discovered VIRTUAL TOLLFREE.. with virtual tollfree, itll give my customers an expression that im running a professional and competetive bisnis.. unlike pldt, i dnt have to install software or hardware, my customer will just dial my US TOLL FREE, itll ring on my HOSTED PHONE(like webhosting) then they will divert the call from canada to anywhere i want it to ring, but that would cost me much so i have the option to just activate my voicemail, my customer can leave a message, and i can retrieve that thru email from here in the phil (like, all for just less than $5 a month.. then i can call them back thru 411hack, skype, or thru my office (i work in a call center so prettymuch i can call whoever i want) from

    payment,, is actually good but too costly, with all the set up fee, as well as unionbanks version, then i found they provide i think the lowest money transfer charge from the state to phil, and the good thing about xoom is they are associated with pretty much its like a filipino version of paypal, you can integrate it with e-commerce site as substitute for paypal buttons, and the good thing about this is, itll give my customer the sense of security times 3.. once the customer click the “paymenow” button from xoom, they’ll automatically be transferred to a US standard secure site verified by verisign, to pay thru credit card, e-checks, and paypal as well, which will be credited to my bank account from one of the philppines flag bearer bank, equitable pci..

    my site is nonprofit by the way, but im not that stupid.. and as always, feedback will be appreciated..

  • my take on the first emailee (emailee..?)

    actually there is, here in the philippines you can report them in the nbi given that you have sufficient evidence and the scammer resides here in the phil..

    mostly webhosting services are hosted in the states, and by law they are not allowed to host malicious and illegal activities such as child porn, scam and terrorism on their server, but law dsnt say that you cant buy a domain that promotes such activities (like , so what offenders do they purchase a domain and host the site on their own personal server, like their home pc..

    in any instances that you need to purchase something online, just make sure that the site has an ssl certificate of their own, but that can be fake so make sure the site has a verisign, bbb (better bisnis beauro), or any reliable 3rd party verifier logo; in this case is a “secured” site as they claim it, so i did a whois look up, and it turns out that their domain is only good for two years which will end around somewhere in feb 2006..