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ASRock and Fatal1ty brings us new Gen3 motherboards

Motherboard manufacturer ASRock partners with CPL World Champion Fatal1ty to launch their new Gen3 motherboard series. Jonathan “Fatal1ty” is one of the top champions of CPL or Cyberathlete Professional League since 2000 and together with ASRock, they created the next-generation motherboards made for gaming.


These new Gen3 motherboards will be the first to work with PCI Express 3.0 specification, offering more bandwidth to enable faster communication between components inside a system. By adapting PCIe 3.0 quick switch IC onboard, ASRock Gen3 Motherboard Series explore the maximum potential of PCIe 3.0! Combined with Ivy Bridge CPU (supports PCIe 3.0) and PCIe 3.0 VGA card, users can enjoy the real PCIe 3.0 standard entirely.


The flagship model of this series which is the Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 sports an Nvidia NF200 chip which allows it to run dual VGA cards at PCIe 16 / x16 mode and three VGA cards at x16 / x8 / x8 mode to get maximum graphics performance.

Then there are the Fatal1ty Gen3 gaming motherboards for both Intel and AMD users. The Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 is the first gaming motherboard in the world that comes with PCIe 3.0 support bringing the best package for smooth gameplay. Fatal1ty 990FX Professional, the first AMD based mobo of the ASRock/Fatal1ty relationship supports the AM3+ Socket and 8-Core CPUs.


Other new features of these motherboards is the XFast LAN, which can reduce the latency of on-line games. It also has the Fatal1ty mouse port which allows you to overclock your mouse for better response and accuracy.

These motherboards are called next-gen because at the moment, you can’t fully maximize the two PCI Express 3.0 slots as the first Ivy Bridge LGA 1155 processors  to get support for this technology won’t arrive until next year.

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