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ASUS and Jason Magbanua Team up to tell a Love Story

Tech giant ASUS has recently partnered with renowned wedding videographer Jason Magbanua, to help tell the love story of one lucky couple. The Incredible Love Story winners were a couple named Steph and Francis.

The video was recently released and is a beautiful rendition of the couples love story. Considered a master storyteller using professional video cameras, Jason instead used a smartphone to shoot the video.


Using the ASUS Zenfone Deluxe 3, the master storyteller was able to capture the authenticity of the couple as they were sharing their love story in video form. Jason viewed the project as a challenge in storytelling, trading his usual cameras for the Zenfone.

The results though, as seen in the video, are impeccable. “Unless you were told, you wouldn’t know it was shot with a smartphone” said the groom-to-be Francis.

Jason lauded the Zenfone Deluxe 3 for its quick start up, fast camera, and autofocus which help him film what he needs when he needs it. He also mentioned that for instances when his cameras run out of battery it is good to have a reliable camera on hand, in the form of a smartphone, to continue shooting.

The Secret Behind Jason Magbanua’s Latest Masterpiece#ASUS makes the impossible a reality with its game-changing technology. Together with the master storyteller, Jason Magbanua, ASUS sets the bar for incredible possibilities. Watch the video to find out.

Posted by ASUS on Friday, December 16, 2016

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