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Asus Black Diamond wireless router makes your room less boring

Asus recently launched one of their latest wireless routers, the Black Diamond RT-N15U which sports a futuristic-looking finish. It’s not as unconventional-looking as the Linksys E4200 but it still looks really snazzy with that “carbon-fibery” shell.


The Asus RT-N15u wireless router has blazingly fast 300Mbps data rates (not their fastest though) and quality Gigabit connections. With its unique design, you can have it wall-mounted to save space. It can also act as a repeater to spread your wireless signal in other parts of your home or office, just scan for signal and connect to its SSID.

Speaking of SSID, Black Diamond can also support up to four SSIDs so single independent wireless networks can be created, each with their own performance and security settings. This enables users to prioritize a secure but high-bandwidth network for personal use alongside a more open low-bandwidth network for guests.

The RT-N15U wireless router features EZ UI, a powerful graphical User Interface (UI) that provides intuitive set-up and easy management of printers and other networked resources. It features a suite of innovative connectivity solutions including EZ All-in-One Printer, QIS, and Ai Disk. EZ All-in-One Printer allows multiple users to share printers and scanners without a dedicated server managing the process; thus increases office efficiency by handling multiple printing requests simultaneously. The EZ All-in-One Printer also supports and detects all major printer brands on the market. QIS (Quick Internet Setup) facilitates device connection to the Internet in three easy steps, while Ai Disk allows users to easily set up a FTP server at home in three simple steps.

You should be able to see the Asus Black Diamond RT-N15U wireless router in stores in mid-February for Php5,090.

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