Asus “Dress mEee Up!” Eee PC Design Contest

From February 1 to March 15, 2008 Asus Philippines will be holding a design contest. The objective here is to design the most creative Eee PC notebook skin which will the LCD cover and the palm rest.

Winning designs will be used and applied on a Special Edition Eee PC to be distributed in the Philippines as an official Asus Limited Edition Eee PC. The contest will be based on public voting (80%) and organizer votes (20%).

Eee PC Philippines

Full details and the mechanics of the contest will be posted once the official contest site is up on February 7, 2008. So for now, just think of a design you think would be a winner.

Eee PC Philippines

The theme for this contest is “Proud to be Pinoy”. Finalists will get to win an Asus Eee PC (with their own design in it), a 17″ Asus LCD or an Asus Router.

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  • just checked the asus site. live na sya. tayo na, baka meron pa isa sa atin manalo nito 🙂

  • chedie

    May napansin lang po ako. Bakit sa details ng contest ( walang nakalagay na theme.

    Talaga po bang may theme for this contest? 😀

  • hi.. i would like to join the contest…i dont know how….please pm me for the other information,,,requirements etc.:) thanks in advance

  • can one submit multiple entries?

  • rmc_01

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding eee pc design contest, it says in the mechanics that the design should be “A3 landscape based on the template given” however the template size is small and not the same as a3, which dimensions should i follow?, and their sample template at the bottom of their website: is different than the template given, need help pls, thanks.

  • simplejoe

    The voting process is a joke! A person can vote as many times as he wishes as long as he can come up with fictitious names! !#[email protected]#@#@

  • simplejoe: i hear you. some top entries are obviously spamming thier votes, those especially who look like they were done in ms paint for crying out loud. Its very insulting. Anyway Im sure that Asus will choose thier winners wisely in the end 🙂

  • i hear you simplejoe….the voting seems to be rigged…its very unfortunate for people who really gave its best/ weeks even just to make the design and yet the designs who are on top of the list are those designs that could really make YOU NOT BUY the ASUS pc if the design would be placed there…i hope the judges have to really look at all the designs and let their taste be the ones who will decide.

  • simplejoe

    I say let the judges decide the winning entries and do away with the voting process, before this whole thing turns into a pitiful farce.

    Can you imagine what will happen if one of the “undeserving” entries should win? Asus will be honor bound to print that design on it’s limited edition EEE!!!! Nyayyyy, sinong bibili nun?!!!

  • ray

    Welcome to the real World…am sure Asus knows the loopholes of this kind of system.
    even an 8 year old figured out he could cast multiple votes just like when he casted his vote on her favorite American Idol Finalists.

    i actually joined and was really disappointed to see how this one entry is going up so fast to the top and it’s not really a good design…and i just decided to lower my expectations…i did a great design…i hope the orgnizers will see that.
    –Oh, there’s an actual theme???

    what do u think of the 7 entries that finished the top?

  • The truth prevailed 🙂 won first prize (entry 410). Good call ASUS 😀 congratulations to the others as well.

  • This contest will surely produce some beautiful and amazing dresses for our laptops.

  • Asus notebook is kind of stuck-in-my-head, I can’t think anything else, but getting a Asus Notebook an accessorize it with great stuff

  • I have had the whole front cover on a hinge, and the Skin was a flip-up shield. Please please please keep an eye out for something akin to what I describe in ur design contest