ASUS Eee PC 1215B Review

Netbooks are made to address the basic needs of netizens out there. The hardware specs are made just right for browsing the net, checking emails, editing documents, listening to music, and other light stuff that you can do with a netbook. But then we also have the tablets which do pretty much the same job as a netbook. Tablets are much more portable and they are also of the same price bracket as a netbook. So why settle for a netbook then?

ASUS Eee PC 1215B

If I was to be offered with a netbook, I would like mine to be fast and pretty much capable of handling my demanding tasks. But that sounds like a laptop does it? How about a netbook that has the performance of a laptop? This is where thee AMD-powered ASUS Eee PC 1215B comes in. Let’s find out if the 1215B is cut out to fit my needs.


The 1215B netbook’s overall aesthetics comes from the Eee PC Seashell Series that features a smooth and glossy surface which I find to be quite a fingerprint lover. The one we have for review has a matte metallic color on the outer lid and the palm rest which has a nice feel to it. Other colors of the 1215B would be black and red wherein you can choose either a matte or glossy surface.

ASUS Eee PC 1215B ASUS Eee PC 1215B

The netbook itself has a 12.1″ WXGA screen which is larger than the usual 10″ of netbooks and it’s thicker too at 1.5 inches. Albeit the size, it’s still light with a manageable weight of about 3lbs.

ASUS Eee PC 1215B ASUS Eee PC 1215B

The 1215B’s rear is raised significantly for better typing comfort. At the left side is where you’ll find the ports for the adapter, TV, HDMI and USB port along with the netbook’s exhaust and SD card slot. At the right side is where you’ll find the lock, LAN and 2 USB (one is 3.0) ports as well as the mic and headphone jacks.

ASUS Eee PC 1215B

The keyboard feels nice with the keys having just the right amount of distance from each other. Kind of looked like a Macbook’s keyboard minus the backlit keys. The touchpad has a nice feel to it although I find the click button to be pretty stiff which is a bit of a downer for me. Plug in an external mouse though and that will solve the problem.

ASUS Eee PC 1215B

The music controls are neatly assigned on the directional buttons which is convenient for me when listening to music or watching movies. You will also have dedicated keys for the Page Up, Page Dn, Home and End buttons. Nothing much on the left portion of the palm rest except for the standard LED indicators.

ASUS Eee PC 1215B

At the top of the LCD we have the 0.3 MP camera with a sliding cover for turning it on or off. Pretty handy if you wish to turn off the cam quickly instead of covering with your hands.


Now, the performance is what matters here since the 1215B netbook comes with an AMD dual core 1GHz APU, ATI Radeon HD graphics and 2GB DDR3 RAM. APU stands for Accelerated Processing Unit which combines the power of a processor and graphics processing unit in one nifty chip. The fusion of the CPU and GPU in one chip will improve data transfer rates between the two components all the while reducing the strain on battery consumption.

Most netbooks come with a Windows 7 Starter OS that I find to be not fully optimized even with a dual core Intel Atom processor. But then the 1215B netbook comes with a Windows 7 Home Premium OS and surprisingly, I’m very pleased with the smooth performance even with multiple programs and windows open. We just got word from Asus that retail units will only be having the Windows 7 Starter OS. Sorry guys.

Here’s the Windows Experience Index of the ASUS Eee PC 1215B:


The AMD C50 processor score was a downer but check out the impressive score on the gaming graphics and memory. For comparison, you might also want to take a look at the Sony VAIO Y which was the first AMD E-350 netbook we reviewed.

I was tempted to install my favorite 3D games like Gears of War, Crysis, Call of Duty and the likes but it seems I forgot this was a netbook. Not because the hardware can’t take it but in the first place, there’s no DVD reader on a netbook! BitTorrent anyone? I have seen some videos on Youtube where games like Crysis 2 were being played on the 1215B and they run smoothly with graphics settings set to minimum so this might be compelling for some gamers. (Ed. I think those are E-350 models)

For those looking for a full HD experience, the 1215B can play full HD 1080p movies for your entertainment needs. The speakers were loud enough with just the right amount of good sound quality.


I only had a little bit of a time testing out the 1215B so I can’t give an exact figure for the battery life. What I did during the test was play some flash games, browse the net, streamed some music, watched some clips and I could say that it ran for around 4 hours. Other reviews are pegging the battery life to be around the 5 and a half hour. It’s not as good as most netbooks ASUS is known for but it’s decent for an AMD APU-powered netbook due to the powerful hardware running inside.


I was pretty much impressed with the performance of this netbook. With a powerful hardware, the 1215B can take out relatively any heavy apps you can throw at it. Not to mention it’s portable so you don’t have to be burdened by the weight nor the size of it.

ASUS Eee PC 1215B

The only drawback is the glossy finish that just absorbs any smudges and fingerprints which can be a daunting task to clean up. I had a hard time wiping out the glossy bezel on the LCD prior to taking the pics so it can be a nuisance whenever you’re using the 1215B. The stiff clicker on the touchpad may be tolerable since it may take some time getting used to and I prefer using an external mouse rather than a touchpad anyway.

All in all, the Asus Eee PC 1215B is a feat to use and can pretty much handle heavy tasks without breaking a sweat. If you’re looking for some good entertainment on a powerful and portable body albeit the smudgy aesthetics then I would definitely recommend the 1215B to you. Currently, it costs Php19,995 but if you want more bang for your buck, Asus will be releasing the better AMD E-350 version of this notebook at the same price later this year.

Asus Eee PC 1215B Specs:
Dual-core 1.0GHz AMD Fusion C50 (1.66GHz E-350 coming soon)
Windows 7 Starter
12.1-inch glossy LCD display (1366 x 768)
Integrated AMD Radeon HD 6250
2GB DDRAM (upgradeable to 4GB)
500GB 5400rpm SATA HDD
WiFi 802.11 a/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0
0.3 mp webcam
Ethernet; HDMI; Headphone; Kensington Lock; Microphone; 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0; VGA
2-in-1 card reader
3.4 pounds
SRP: Php19,995
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  • Griswold

    malaking difference ang C50 sa E350. Better wait for the E350.

  • Wow, Cal, hmm just bought an Asus K43U-VX012 last last week, it’s on the same price range, I bought mine on PhP21,000.00 12months + 2months (BDO promo) 0% interest. If this was released before I bought the laptop I would have chosen this one. I just bought the laptop because I’ll give my EeePC to dad, I am using Asus EeePC 1201T with all my Adobe and HTML and 24/7 downloading of movies.

    • mas malakas yung laptop mo although kung habol mo portable mas ok nga itong 1215b. pero medyo low power consumption din naman yung k43u.

  • jung

    I got this netbook (e350 version)from a friend over a week ago. (Regalo nya for my birthday at pati na rin daw christmas)lol. Wala ako masabi sa performance. Mabilis. It can play full 1080p smoothly. Di ko din gusto ang left and right button keys sa trackpad nya kasi its really hard to press. Okay ang screen resolution 1366×768 kaso napapansin ko di ganun ka clear ang output ng lcd screen di gaya ng nasa msi u210. Dunno kung naninibago lang ako pero mas clear at crisp ang details sa u210 (it also has 1366×768 resolution)compared sa 1215b. Ang default screen settings ng 1215b is too bright kaya dapat pang i adjust sa Catalyst Control Center. Di rin kasi ako magaling magtimpla ng kulay basta brightness at contrast lang ginagalaw ko. Pero pag dating sa media experience, asus eeepc 1215b stands out.

  • i thought this would be a nice replacement for my reliable asus ul20a hmm better wait for new models

    what would recommend Cal? willing to wait:)

    • wait for the e350 version.

  • Rye

    When mag karoon ng unit running on E-350 dito sa pinas and are you sure na same price lang yan with the c-50? Sana mag ka roon na ng version E-350 satin.

    • sabi ng asus contact ko late this year darating and same price din. baka bababa itong c50.

  • I bought this a month ago. It’s glossy black. Wla kc available n ibang colors and cover types. It’s so cool expect for the touchpad and the crazy cursor. It really gets annoying sometimes that I have to restart it. Oh well.. I’m just gonna download the latest Synaptics version and see if it’ll work better. Nice review, by the way. ^_^

  • Dave

    Any news on the E-350 model? I’m about to buy the 1215B C-50 model today, luckily I bumped on your review XD

    • wala pa sir. why not get the samsung series 3? or sony vaio y? the E350 VAIO Y is at P20,600 for cash purhcase.

      • Dave

        thanks for the rely sir, mas recommended kasi sakin ang asus 1215b sa gaming (especially E350 🙂

        besides may upcoming E-450 ang ASUS

        • samsung series 3 is E450 na. same integrated graphics as that of the ASUS. at least hindi ka na maghihintay. yung sony vaio y na bago E450 na rin pero mas mahal sa Samsung.

  • Acie

    Available pa ba ito? Can’t wait for the E350 processor na, okay na naman for my needs (pr0n. HAHA jk…sorta) ang C50 pati kakasira lang ng laptop ko and I need a portable one with a relatively big screen. I tried searching sa Villman website pero walang available.

  • pichi2078

    nice review..sana may asus 1215b vs asus k43u. hehe. really confused what to choose between the two.

  • alerion1728

    cant w8 4 amd e35o, buti d pa kami bumili kahapon nung 1215B w/amd c5o. pa update pag merun na. 🙂 sana christmas sya ilabas, para SALE!

  • budz


    I became interested in this thread since I am considering buying the Asus K43U-VX012. Please advise if it still performs ok given the following:
    – running Ms Office apps simultaneously i.e. Powerpoint and excel
    – at least 10 tabs of various websites including social networking sites

    Appreciate anyone who can share experience.


    • 10 tabs won’t be an issue as well as multiple office apps. 2GB RAM solves that problem.

      • Budz

        Appreciate that, Calvin.

        One last Q: would win7 home premium or pro 64-bit be recommended for the K43U with 2Gb RAM?

        Thanks in anticipation.

  • alerion1728

    there was a guy selling this netbook at its around 16k but it was already a 2ndhand.. and i have scan blogs about this netbook. Some says that the trackpad sucks. external mouse would resolve the problem. cant wait for this netbook.

  • alerion1728

    i post a comment on asus philippines page on fb about the release of 1215b e350 in the philippines.then they replied:
    ASUS Philippines
    Hi Rhodel,
    We skipped the E-350 and now
    proceeded with the new AMD E-450
    processors, now available in the
    Market at Php22,995 with Windows
    7 Home Basic.
    1 hour ago · Like :c

    • well that’s good to hear! thanks man!

  • Grace

    Hi Calvin,

    Just wanted to ask if the processor is upgradable? Does anyone have any info on this?

    Thanks in advance.

    • no laptop processors are not upgradeable. some are configurable but you should specify it before buying.

  • Dewi

    hi!! just want to ask…

    is that silver??
    looks like white…

    i want to buy Eee pc 1215B but.. i hate all the colors..

  • mjeRN

    Hi Sir Calvin, I am planning to buy a netbook but is now torn between choosing HP dm1 and Asus 1215B, both with AMD e450 processors, 2GB memory, 500GB HDD etc. I have checked the specs and found out that the two got minimal difference. Aside from the size, I noticed that the software for audio would be a deciding factor since HP with Windows starter got beats but ASUS got one usb 3.0 port and Windows Basic on the other hand. When it comes to everything, which do you think is a good buy, what’s your verdict? Thank you!

    • even if audio for hp is beats powered, you won’t appreciate it without good headphones or speakers attached to it. i would go for usb 3.0 and windows basic rather than beats.

    • mjeRN

      thanks for the prompt reply, sir! God bless! 🙂

  • chacha

    what notebook would you prefer to buy, if you want just to play RAN Online… please include more cheaper price.. ehehehe

  • jackcain

    panu po bah, mapabilis ang asus k43u ko ang specs E350 1.60Ghz 3gb ram, bat minsan ang bagal, ang physical memory usage nya umaabot nang 1.55GB. thanks,

    • reformat hehehe… baka marami nang program na naka-install at nagrurun sa background. or baka may virus.