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Asus Eee PC 900 Launched and Priced

At the press launch of the Asus Eee PC 900 last Monday, representatives from Asus Philippines announced that suggested retail price for the 2 models of the new 9-inch Asus Eee PC 900 will start at Php24,990.

First impressions with the UMPC were positive especially with the wider 8.9″ screen that support up to 1024×600 pixels. Both the 12GB + Windows XP as well as the 20GB + Linux models will be priced at Php24,990. The storage is separated into a 4GB SDD and a 8GB/16GB secondary flash drive. Obviously, the price difference in the two sizes accounts for the Windows XP license.


The weight is still below 1kg and when placed side by side with the older EeePC 701, one can hardly see the difference in dimensions. The Eee PC 900 is a little longer in the dorsal length.


Main improvements include a wider trackpad that supports multi-touch. The speakers that used to be in the front display panel were moved under the laptop in front.


Representatives from Intel Philippines and Microsoft Philippines were present to talk about their partnership with Asus. Representatives from Asus South East Asia confirmed that they’ll be releasing an Intel Atom version within the year.

Within the week of its launching, the Eee PC 701 dropped to about Php15,000 from Php19,980 in most mall stores.

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  • Andre Marcelo-Tanner

    I hope they drop the price, the retail price in nearby countries in asia is a couple thousand cheaper and in this segment makes all difference.

  • I’m interested… But I know how to wait.

    I’ll wait for either EEE PC 901 (Intel Atom) or HP Mini-Note refresh with VIA Isaiah. I prefer HP Mini-Note though because it looks way hotter and a 1.6 Ghz CN processor (VIA Isaiah) equipped HP Mini-Note with at least 2 Gb RAM should be powerful enough to compete with a low budget laptop. I hope they decide to sell units without Windows Vista on it though, I intend to use OpenSuse 11.0 which should already be available by the time the Mini-note refresh models are out.

  • I believe this should drop the price of the current EEE PC on the market. But still the same, I seriously would consider another laptop for productivity use.

  • geus

    meron na bang Asus eee pc 901 dito sa Pinas? If meron, saan pwede makabili nito if I am in Metro Manila or Cebu? ty