Asus Eee PC S121 Netbook on 512GB SSD

A new breed of lightweight and slim netbooks are emerging at the dawn of CES 2009. One of them is the Asus Eee PC S121 which is a 12-incher update to the earlier announced Asus Eee PC S101.


Likely specs include an Intel Atom Z520 1.6GHz CPU, 12.2 inch display screen and a 512GB SSD which is a first in the world according to Asus. Will weigh only 3lbs and is between 0.9″ to 1″ thick at its base, the S121 can last up to 8 hours of battery life.

That 521GB SSD will surely double the cost of this netbook so hold your breath until we get the price for this.

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  • This ASUS eeePC looks like a paper.. and about 1 kilo in weight.. 🙁

  • I’m holding my breath now 😀

  • Any idea about the price for that here in RP?

  • intresting…

  • Where’s the price?! im turning red already. Been holding my breath for a while 😀