Asus unveils Eee PC T91 and T101H Touch Netbooks

Asus unveiled two new touchscreen netbooks during CES 2009 — the 9-inch Eee PC T91 and the 10-inch Eee PC T101H.


Both netbooks will have a touch screen display (8.9″ & 10.2″) and can swivel around (180-degrees) to take the tablet format. They will also be powered by a faster Intel Atom Z520 processor.

No additional details on the specs were revealed but the netbooks will weigh around 2 lbs and have a 1″ thickness.

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  • edwin

    hello i just want to ask.. is it already in sale or notfor the asus t91??? if yes how much ican get???


  • femaad

    hi! am interested in the eeepc T91 also. i would appreciate any update re availability and price here in the philippines.

    best regards!

  • blue

    Howdy! What’s the pricetag on that T101H and when’s it coming out?