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ASUS Eee Transformer gets Android 3.2 update, lets you run non-tablet apps

Well it seems that the Asus Eee Transformer is the first to get the Android 3.2 in the local market. And your next questions probably is”¦ so? What’s nice about Android 3.2 anyway?

android 3.2

One of the negative points I highlighted on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review was that you cannot find and install apps and games that were made for Android smartphones in the Market making the selection very limited. It’s not because of the device per se but it’s because of the Android Honeycomb version.

Android 3.2 simply solves that problem opening you to a whole lot of apps. I was able to install a Samba explorer so I can get files off my NAS. Just like in iPad where you can download iPhone apps, the apps can be displayed in full screen or use just a small portion of your tablet.

fpse on tablet

Some apps won’t display properly in full screen mode though. I tried installing FPSE, an SNES emulator, and running it full screen looks better but I couldn’t see all the buttons so I am forced to play it in window mode. At least there’s the option of playing ROMS on your tablet.

Of course, it’s up to the developers if they’re planning on creating a tablet version of their apps/games but this Android 3.2 update still proves to be useful especially for apps that are important to you that’s not available in tablet mode.

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  • Caleb

    May review ka na ba ng Asus EEE Transformer?

    • soon. not yet done with it. hehe.

      • Eason


  • Wow, this is nice! I’ve got tons of old school games in SNES emulator, it would be much fun since it can now also be played in ASUS Eee Pad! Tnx for sharing! =)

  • rotero

    i thought acer iconia A101 will be the first to reach phil market…. acer also has 3.2 and as per my hands on experience android 3.2 its the best… as of feedback from my supplier they says thay acer iconia A101 will be available in sept…

  • Ang galing naman po ng review na ito about ASUS Eee Transformer, keep on blogging po,i will awlays visit this blog.