ASUS K Series notebook gets a price cut

When we showed you the ASUS K Series notebook last May, it received quite a number of approvals due to its decent specs and beautiful designs on a competitive price. Actually, it’s more because of the price.

asus k series

Well ASUS just told us that they brought the price down of their K Series from Php29,995 down to Php27,995 (2k is still a lot of savings), for the Core i3 version at least. No word yet if it will also affect the Core i5. The ASUS K Series is available in 5 funky colors: urban green, seduction pink, party gold, chill blue, and passion red and you can get one at your nearest ASUS dealer now.

If you want to know more about the ASUS K Series, here’s the link to our post last May.

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  • wow!Asus K series is getting better and affordable now. It was two months ago when my boss have the Asus K42DR-VX078 for his graphic lesson worth 30k, a cheaper price for laptop that has a 1GB VRAM…:)