Asus launches new flash accessories

Asus also announced two new flash accessories, the Lolliflash and Zenflash. These two external flashes are specifically made for Asus devices will hit our shores sometime in the future, and it’s great to see additional accessories coming for all the Zenfone fans out there.


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The Lolliflash is a two-toned Dual-LED torch you can use for your selfie moments. It is connected via the audio 3.5mm jack and has its own battery.


The ZenFlash, on the other hand, connects to your phone using the microUSB port. It’s a Xenon flash accessory for taking rear photos that can be stuck at the back plate, providing up to 400 times brighter than the usual LED flash, making it a great accompaniment for night photography.

The Asus Lolliflash and ZenFlash are expected to retail for IDR 119,000 (roughly Php 410) and IDR 239,000 (roughly Php 820), respectively, and is expected to arrive this quarter.

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