ASUS P7P55D Series for your Core i7 and i5

With the recent launch of Intel’s latest Core i7 and i5 chips, ASUS released its P7P55D Series motherboard. The LGA 1156 socket motherboard is based on ASUS “œXtreme Design” and also includes the latest Hybrid Technology for enhanced performance.


The P7P55D Premium is the first motherboard to natively support a whooping 6Gbps data transfer with the latest SATA storage interface due to its exclusive expansion bridge. Other models in the series requires an expansion card to achieve the same result.

With its Hybrid Phase Technology, the P7P55D series motherboards deliver maximum efficiency and stable power. It has an active cooling technology that detects and balances power phase loadings and temperature in real time.

The new Hybrid Processor allows users to achieve superior overclocking very easily. Onboard tools prevents novice overclockers from making the system unstable.

The Hybrid OS meanwhile allows users to gain access to widely used application in mere seconds. It uses the built-in ASUS Express Gate which is based on a Linux distro to boot the machine in 5 seconds with limited functions which includes browsing.

Since you’ve already spent a lot on your Core i7, what’s keeping you to spend some more for premium motherboards?

P7P55D Deluxe (16+3 Phase, SLI, CrossFireX, 2 Gb-lan) ““ P13,990

P7P55D EVO (12+2 Phase,  SLI, CrossFireX, 10-CH audio) ““ P12,490

P7P55D PRO (12+2 Phase, SLI, CrossFireX, 2 x 1394a) – P10,990

P7P55D (P55 high performance, 12+2 Phase,  CrossFireX) ““ P9,490

P7P55D LE (Super-value, 8+2 Phase) ““ P8,490

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