ASUS Debuts ASUS ROG Strix Flare and Other Gaming Accessories

CES 2018: ASUS Debuts ASUS ROG Strix Flare and Other Accessories

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) recently unveiled their gaming accessories line at CES 2018, which includes the ASUS ROG Strix Flare RGB mechanical keyboard, and the ROG Aura Terminal addressable RGB controller.

ROG Strix Flare

This RGB mechanical gaming keyboard promises the best in performance and ergonomic comfort. Plus, it touts customizable styles via individually backlit Cherry MX RGB switches. These dedicated media keys work towards instant in-game control. Lastly, it will also feature an illuminated customizable logo badge and Aura Sync lighting.

Constructed with world-renowned Cherry MX RGB switches, the Strix Flare makes every press an accurate and optimal action, resulitng in reliable keystrokes. Also, dedicated media keys will add much-needed convenience in terms of controlling volume, brightness, etc. Lastly, a USB pass-through port lets users connect a mouse or other device.

ROG Aura Terminal

The ROG Aura Terminal also features Aura Sync. In turn, this provides synchronized lighting with a wi de range of supported devices. Furthermore, this synchronization results in stunning systems effects at the edge of your fingertrips. Additionally, ROG will take Aura Sync to the next level in 2018 by expanding its Aura SDK program. This lets software developers and hardware partners integrate even more Aura Sync features into their creations.

ROG Spotlight

Simply put, the ROG Spotlight is an RGB lighting accessory that projects the ROG logo on a wall or surface. It enables gamers to display their ROG pride and create a better gaming atmosphere. Then, its colorful lighting synchronizes with Aura Sync gear like motherboards and mice. ROG Spotlight will tout a matte-black aluminum finish and a magnetic base for easy and secure attachment to a metal surface. Also, it provides 360 degrees of adjustment, so the ROG logo can always be positioned upright.

Bezel-Free Kit

ASUS ROG’s bezel-free kit acts as an accessory that lets gamers ‘combine’ their multiple-monitor setups, With the kit, the gaps between screens disappear, and creates a single, extra-large, wrap-around display. The kit itself consists of vertical lenses and easy-to-attach mounts that connect the edge of each monitor at a 130-degree angle. Overall, gamers get to enjoyo an opitcal device that requires no software, or battery power to operate, as the kit uses light refraction to visually eliminate monitor edges.

Originally displayed at CES 2018, expect a release for this setup anytime this year.


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