ASUS Taichi, back-to-back screen in a slim Ultrabook body

Earlier today we saw ASUS’ very daring and innovative notebook, the ASUS Taichi, which features not just one screen but two for double the Windows 8 fun.


This cool-looking Ultrabook has a back-to-back dual-screen design, with the outer screen capable of 10-finger multitouch. That’s two 11.6-inch Full HD screens in one lid so you can convert it to a tablet simply by closing the lid. Even if you’re using it as a tablet, you won’t feel the full notebook size as it tapers to a mere 3mm thickness with a weight of just 1.25kg.


To further increase productivity, the outer screen on the ASUS Taichi uses an N-trig digitizer to track both stylus and 10-point multitouch input, and can support up to 256 pressure levels with the battery-powered DuoSense Pen. Don’t really know why they chose N-trig here but used a Wacom digitizer on their Intel-based VivoTab. Anyway, the pen performed admirably well during our short stint playing with it.


Powering the ASUS Taichi is a dual-core Intel Core i7-3517U processor with integrated graphics and 4GB RAM to go with 256GB SSD. For wireless connectivity you’ll get Dual-band Wi-Fi with Intel WiDi and Bluetooth 4.0.


Just like other premium ASUS notebooks, the Taichi also sports ASUS SonicMaster technology, developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower for high-quality sound on a portable device. This Ultrabook also features a 5-megapixel autofocus camera that can do 1080p video recording and a secondary 720p camera. You’ll also appreciate its noise-suppressing array microphone for a crystal-clear video chat. Battery life on the Taichi is rated at 5 hours.

Application time. Frankly speaking, aside from showing what you’re working on with a small group of people inside a meeting room, I couldn’t think of any use of a back-to-back screen. Maybe for playing Battleships? Or face-to-face Skype? Hehehe.

If you’re interested in owning the ASUS Taichi, prepare to shell out a cool Php85,995.

ASUS Taichi Specs:
Intel Core i7-3517U dual-core 1.90GHz (3.0GHz Turbo Boost)
Windows 8 Pro
11.6″ 1920 x 1080 with 10 fingers Touch (280 nits on notebook / 250 nits on tablet)
Intel HD 4000 graphics
ASUS SonicMaster technology
Dual-band Wi-Fi with Intel WiDi
5-megapixel auto-focus rear camera with 1080p Full HD video recording
Bluetooth 4.0
2 port x USB 3.0, miniVGA, microHDMI
HD 720p Webcam
35Whr (Up to 5 hours)
1.25 kg
SRP: Php85,995
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  • Jay

    like! it’s not so ridiculously expensive as i thought it would be. still can’t afford it though.

  • I want one! Dual screen for tablet functionality plus N-trig digitizer, keep enhancing ASUS!

  • Wow for that price actually it’s kinda reasonable since it’s got killer specs and also your paying for both the laptop and tablet in a single package. Although, give it a few months and the price will go down hehe!

  • StratoSpHere

    Naalala ko yang ASUS eh, simpleng mobo lang tinda nyan eh, ngayon ganyan na. Hebigats ang may-ari nyan heheh. 😀

  • Aman

    The new N-Triq nibs look surprisingly precise,I always hated N-Triq pens.Now I will not hate the new pens from N-Triq,given the easiness with which N-Triq pens can be calibrated and also the more precise nibs.

    But Asus would have offered 3.6 GHz processor instead of Dual Screen.A dual screen is more of a fancy feature.A 3.6 GHz update would be great for CAD program’s which require high processing speed.
    Plus,while using in Laptopn mode,it would be difficult to protect back screen against scratches.Theres no iPad like protection cover or Smart Cover available as of now for Taichi.Asus should have thought of a Smart Cover.
    Dell XPS Ultrabook has a smarter design with only one big missing thing:The stylus pen.

    • Aman

      Not the Ultrabook,
      I meant the new 12 iinch XPS 12 convertible

    • Aman

      Taichi comes with a very precise new generation N-Trig stylus(4th generation).The old N-Trig stylusses weren’t precise at all.Actually I use to hate old N-Trig pens and supported wacom always.
      So Taichi could be a great option for sketching,for product designers instead of a Fujitsu Lifebook T902 + Motion computing Wacom pen.But I am worried about getting scratches on my back screen accidentally,that on the screen on which stylus is intended to use for.Unlike iPad,for which enclosure carrying case from CAPDASE or other brands are available,Taichi will not come with such accessories which is bit refraining me from buying Taichi instead of Lifebook T902.also pricing for Lifebook T902 is bit lesser compared to Taichi pricing.
      I am considering this or Lifebook instead of a Samsung Ativ tablet just because I want a bigger screen for sketching,a all in one portable package.One main advantage of a N-Trig Stylus is Auto Callibration.Calibration for accuracy is a big problem in Wacom which has to be done manually.

      Read more:

      • Eason

        – It has a sleeve similar to their Zenbook Package
        – 3.6Ghz on an ultrabook is not possible as of now, imagine the heat of the processor

        • Aman

          Thanks a lot!I also thought the same way about Maximum Clock Frequency possible with Taichi.In this case,consumers with high speed Requirnments have a better option to go with Modbook Pro OR Fujitu Lifebook T902.I tried to install some CAD/CAM softwares on a core i5 256 GB laptop and guess what.Inspite of being a3 ghz processor,Everytime the computer crashes or becomes standstill for some time.This has thought me that CAD/CAM program’s need high memory too and not just high clock speed.Lifebook T902 can be configured even to 500 GB whereas,Taichi’s max. Configuration is 250 GB hard drive.

    • cha

      Any idea when this will be available in the Philippines?