Asus to launch Eee PC 900 in the Philippines

The Taiwanese company will be releasing the new Asus Eee PC 900 next week, May 12. Invites sent out yesterday indicated that several variants of the ultra-portable laptop will be available to the market:

This new generation of the ever popular PC packs in a whole range of hardware that includes an 8.9 inch wide screen, a 1.3M pixels web cam, the new innovative Finger Glide and 12GB and 20GB storage capacities for Windows and Linux platforms respectively ““ catering to wider consumer needs while still maintaining the “Easy to learn, Easy to work and Easy to play” concept by keeping the overall weight under 1kg.

Despite the increase in screen real estate and bigger storage volumes, it looks like the Eee PC 900 will still hover just under 1kg (the 70x series was rated at 0.89kg). This model will also have 1GB of memory by default (prolly upgradable to 2GB like the previous ones).

These models are actually already being sold in PC Corner at Php 28,999 for the 12GB+Windows or the 20GB+Linux combos (lower than the previous price of Php33,900). A 2GB upgrade will only cost you an additional Php2,000.

Asus has already sold more than 3.5 Million units of the Eee PC worldwide. Also check out my round-up of UMPCs available locally — Asus Eee PC 700, Deep Blue H1, Astone UMPC and the Neo Explore X1.

Update: Asus Philippines is still mulling over the SRP but they’ve indicated that it will be within the vicinity of Php24,995.

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  • Is the hard drive still solid state?

  • Yup, still SSD.

  • Justine

    it’s already may 12 and it seems like no shop is advertising an asus eee pc900 to be on sale (pccorner’s site is not updated yet”