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ASUS unveils the Padfone, a smartphone and tablet combo

Can’t decide whether to get an Android smartphone or an Android tablet? Then wait for Padfone which ASUS recently unveiled at Computex 2011.


The ASUS Padfone is a combination of a smartphone and a tablet device… well actually, just a smartphone. The tablet part does not function on its own and requires the smartphone to be docked on it. Yeah just like a hermit crab. If you want to watch movies or surf the web on a bigger screen, that’s the time you would want to dock it in the tablet. Basically, you just store the tablet on your bag while using the phone as is. When it’s time for some leisure fun, whip the tablet out for a bigger viewing experience.

You can also take calls and send SMS with the tablet part using your phone’s mobile plan. It’s like a BlackBerry PlayBook and a BlackBerry phone combination, only more streamlined and probably cheaper.

Check out the Padfone video with the enviable narrator voice to see it in action.

No official specs here yet as ASUS is just showing off what to expect late this year. But I’m sure it’s not going to run on Honeycomb since it’s not made for phones. Probably a Gingerbread or better yet, the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich that’s made for all sorts of Android devices.

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  • If there’s one device this is gonna kill, it’s the Motorola Atrix. Although I considered the Atrix design a kludge — the phone sticks out of the port at the back — I thought it was a good first step, and was hoping that Motorola would revise the design so the Atrix docked flush into the netbook portion instead of jutting out. On the other hand, it’s a netbook, which might doom it from the start 🙂

    In any case, Asus has one-upped them — no, make that two-upped them. First, by designing it so the phone is hidden within the tablet, and second by coming out with a tablet instead of a netbook. Can only hope that this goes beyond the prototype or announcement stage.

  • BBQs

    this would be more awesome if it’s compatible with the transformer keyboard dock!

    • IMHO, keyboards are so 20th century, at least for smaller devices. Once I get an Android device — maybe this Asus baby 😉 — I’ll install MessageEase on it.

  • Jim

    If the price point is right, the operating system is right, and the connectivity and memory options are state-of-the-art, this will knock everybody else off of their high horses. Too bad none of this information is available now. Do you even know what service providers it will be compatible with?


  • Kenyana

    This is so cool. We’re finally getting more products to work with outside of the usual giants who dominate the market with their restrictions on apps and other stuff.

  • Inspector

    im so glad asus make this new set of technology…its very handy in every way you can take it where ever you go…and also how they design it..it is so cool that they combine smartphone and tablets it really amazing..keep up the good work …

  • homey

    This is a break through for ASUS. I like the idea that it’s going to be a sort of adapter for your phone to make the screen bigger. I just want to know if you could answer incoming calls while your phone is inside. Sort of a loud speaker and mic.

  • Asus is going beyond the smartphone by managing to have a tablet within the Padfone is truly spectacular. With ICS in the wait this Padfone also is creating ripples in the mobile industry. Thanks for sharing this. Though the look resembles a typical android phone the dock is the thing to look out for.

  • this is exactly what i need. anyone who has used this device?

    • Just recently unveiled. I don’t think it’s on the market yet.

      • i see thanks silver!