ASUS upgrades K Series notebooks, more colorful but still affordable

ASUS recently launched their upgraded K Series notebooks featuring Intel’s 2nd gen Core processors, discrete NVIDIA GT500 series graphics and funky yet stylish colors to choose from.

width="500"The new K Series feature highly durable aluminum texture covers that offer a personal touch and a unique look. The premium aluminum textures used on the covers of new K Series notebooks serve a dual purpose. They resist wear and tear to retain their luster even over extended product cycles. This K Series notebooks come in Red, Pink, Green, Gold, Blue and a Brown one if you want a more business-looking laptop.

Aside from the Sandy Bridge processor, ASUS goes further to provide consumers with better performance and value by including discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT 500 series graphics on K Series notebooks. All offer DirectX 11 support, with up to GeForce GT 540M and 2GB DDR3 dedicated video memory available.

Then there’s also the ASUS Palm Proof technology to detect errant touchpad contact and prevent accidental mouse pointer movement.

The 14-inch Core i3 version of the ASUS K3 goes for only Php29,995 while the Core i5 is priced at Php32,995.

The other colors of the ASUS K3:

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ASUS K43SJ / K43SV Specs:
Intel Core i3-2310 | Intel Core i5-2410
14.0″ 16:9 HD (1366×768) LED backlit
NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M / 540M with 1GB DDR3 VRAM
2GB DDR3 Memory
Integrated SuperMulti DVD±RW
Integrated 802.11b/g/n WiFi
3 x USB 2.0 ports
0.3 Mega Pixel Fixed web camera
Altec Lansing Speakers
3 -in-1 card reader ( SD/ MS/ MMC)
6-cell Li-Ion battery (5200 mAh 56 Whrs)
2.44 kg
SRP: Php29,995 | Php32,995
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  • Anonymous

    Sr. what do you think on Asus laptop like these? it’s very tempting, the laptop is already with a good price.

    • really tempting no? If i’m looking for a 14-inch i would take a really good look at this one. you get up-to-date hardware at last year’s price.

      • Eason

        Plus its even aluminum body and a sleeker design 😀

  • I super love the red one, super hot and sexy color. Nice one ASUS Now, I’m waiting for the reviews, ’nuff with the looks ; )

    Thanks for sharing this pinoy tech.

    • mary

      How can you choose just one color? I like them ALL! 🙂

    • Grace

      how much is this laptops battery life span please???

  • FemmeFatale

    OMG!!!! I love the one in orange!!!!! I hope they would release the size 15!!

    • oh nice! how’s the laptop? does it really look nice?

      • SIR KAY

        the laptop is great. ive bought the red one.
        nice performance. it worth more than what i paid for. thanks asus!

  • Ry

    I want to cry :(( I have the money to buy this but am thinking of spending it on Asus Transformer…. but it all says here that my money will get more if I buy this laptop :/ what to do!

    • get a regular laptop if you’re not sure.

    • Eason

      It depends on your needs, if you think you can go with the functionalities of Android ( No Photoshop, Dota, Windows Softwares) then the transformer is good.

      Most likely the transformer are for people who are adaptable to softwares and mobility with a bit more functionality than a netbook

      e.g (Skype on PC vs Skype on Android) if you can do both then the transformer can supply your needs. Plus you have a HD 720p 5mp rear camera 😀

    • Casey

      Is this good for games like Call of Duty Black Ops or Prototype?

      • it can run those but you may have to make do with mediocre settings.

        • Casey

          No lags?

          • haven’t tried but on a laptop with GeForce 410M GPU, i encountered a few stuttering while playing COD 4. not that serious though.

  • Mil

    are these available only in the philippines?

  • NJ

    is this laptop good for games such as nba2k11 and others?im not an online gamer about running the latest version of autocad (and the likes) here? if not, can you suggest me a specific model/brand?maybe PHP15000-30000 will do.thanks!more power! 🙂

    • NJ

      super tempting ng specs for its price 😀

    • it’s ok… not too great but certainly playable due to its discrete GPU

      • NJ

        so you think this is a good buy?or should i wait until december to hope for some sales and get better deals?hehe..

        • there are always a better deal in the world of laptops/PCs because things evolve faster. if you don’t need it right now, just wait. but if you want it now, then it’s already a good buy.

          • NJ

            alright..thanks for that! 😀

          • NJ

            do you happen to know the battery life of the k43sj?im confused between it and toshiba L745 (i think it has 6hrs battery life but with intel hd graphics), what do you think is a better buy? thanks again!

    • tito boy

      works great for autocad! you’re good with this! You could actually purchase this for 23K (straight up cash) without OS. Win 7 home basic is 4,500Php

      • Xian

        Where can I get this for 23K cash?

  • may

    is this ok for video editing and things like that?

    • not professional video editing. but for your casual video editing then yes this will do.

      • Ukipepet

        Are you kidding? The specs will run even the most demanding video editing software. Just add a little more ram to make it better performer; maximize at 8gb if you could. Then swap ssd’s if you could afford, or the hybrid if money is a problem.

        If thouse lousy overpriced mac with relic core dou could run…. errrr adodbe hahahah… the high powered PC’s with modern i series intel could run video editing software.


        • so going back to the question, is it ok for video editing? or professional video editing as it is?

          • Jerico

            yes, i have bought mine last july, i have a sony vegas pro 10, adobe after effects cs 5, Cinema 4d, and it runs great sa k43sj ko. mejo iba lng specs netong akin, corei3 2350m, geforce 610m 2gb. latest games, med-high setting depende sa pag tweak mo ng settings.

  • isus

    Is there core i7 with these series? brown color and the price too.

  • wzari

    Nice specs! I hope the prices of this series slide down fast so I can catch them.

    • I have just got 1 for my office needs, price is still at 31k, but it’s already i5 with 4g memory… 😉

  • Jeff

    hello, what’s the difference between the k43sv vx120 and 186 in terms of specs? would you happen to know? and which one is the latest model?

  • Ikka

    Hi there! I’m looking for a laptop that is stylish, high-powered and with great performance. I’m thinking of buying this one. Is this worth the price (P30,995.00)? Or shall I buy a desktop instead? HELP PLEASE!! :))) Thank you!

    • only you can answer whether to get a desktop or a laptop. but this laptop if worth the price you’re getting it for.

      • Ikka

        alright. Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Ativon

    Calvin is this specs can run smoothly on 3ds max?or any?, or even run the SKRYM V or THE WITCHER 2? because i’m finding a laptop brand of ASUS than can run this game, for me i think if i can run the witcher 2 in medium setting for high setting and then my problem is done in searching a better laptop for a cheap price rather than buying desktop because i’m always not in my house.

    is this is laptop K43SJ can? thanks for reply sir Calvin. sorry for my english. and how much is this without OS.

  • Yang

    Can this run Sims 3?

    • Joms

      im a little late at answering but the answer is YES! i have this laptop( although its only the i3, but still…) this laptop is great! haha! i was able to install the sims 3 and all of its expansions and stuff packs. 😉 no worries! its worth it:D

  • Franz

    We have this laptop. just bought it at SM this january. it is still P 29,000 with intel i3 and 2 gigs of ram. a very smooth performance is offered. no lags on games like COD4 and LFD2 on maximum settings. 🙂 hope this helps. you can reach me at you can message me there.

    • 29k? Does it comes with an OS? I have mine, we bought it 27k at Gilmore(no idea where it is) with no OS installed, same specs as yours.

      • there are configurations (the cheaper ones) that doesn’t come with an OS

  • Been having this laptop for around 6-7 months already. The problem is, the “Ice Cool Technology” which is supposed to retain coldness/or reduce heat in palm rests seem to be not working anymore. Though I’m only using the browser for surfing(10-12% cpu use), I already reach 55c temperature in my cores 0&1.(Which is physically hot already) Another thing is when I insert the audio jack, there’s an annoying ringing sound that I hear from the headset. Maybe I was just unlucky to have a defective laptop, still I’m hoping to find some Asus branches here in our place. Overall, its cheap and has a nice design! 🙂

  • John

    Cebu – I would really like to give this one as a gift to someone in Cebu. Does anybody know, where to buy this one in Cebu City?

    • hmm big PC stores there. Villman, GAisano, etc.

  • kldalit

    kaya niya kaya ang dragon nest sea with high settings? gusto ko kasi madala online games ko with this