Audio Technica A700x Headphones Review

Warning: these headphones can be a gateway to the expensive world of audiophile equipment. If you’re looking for a balanced signature sound without breaking your bank, the A700x is a great way to start your venture in the Audiophile world.


The A700x is not that hard to power but an amp can greatly improve its performance, too bad I don’t have a portable amp here with me. Playing these from my desktop’s built-in sound card, they provide ample volume for you to enjoy your music with much less distraction from outside noise. Using it with an iPod Touch 5th gen also produces the same volume.


Despite having a closed-back design, the A700x’s sound stage is wide. It’s all thanks to the 53mm driver that’s also used in Audio Technica’s AD700, which on the contrary, is more open. Despite the huge drivers, the A700x is unbelievably light at 290g. You won’t have any problems with long listening sessions with these cans.

The A700x produces a warm and bright signature sound. Listening to reggae tracks definitely puts me in a calm and relaxing mood. The sound stage is wide enough, you’ll forget that you’re using a closed-back headphone.


The highs and mids are bright and warm especially when listening to classical music and jazz. The instruments are greatly differentiated especially when listening to a live recording of a concert. The bass is not that pronounced, but it provides the oomph to harmonically blend with the guitar tracks.

The A700x will definitely fulfill a budding audiophile’s need. For the price, you definitely won’t go wrong with these cans. Comfortable, stylish, excellent sound quality, at a price that won’t have you breaking the bank.


Audio Technica A700x Specifications:
Type: Closed-back, dynamic, double air damping system
Driver: 53mm
Freq. Response: 5 ““ 35,000 Hz
Max. Input Power: 1,000 mW
Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW
Impedance: 38 ohms
Weight: 290g
Cable: 3.0m cloth sheath (OFC)
Accessories: Detachable ¼” (6.3mm) adapter

Audio Technica A700x has an SRP of Php 10,499

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