Audition budget yet quality headphones at Egghead

When buying earphones or headphones, it’s hard to gauge whether the one that you’re eyeing for is the right one for you. There are reviews in the internet but still it’s better if you can audition these things before making your purchase. To see if the fit is comfortable to your ear, or if the sound profile suits your taste.

In various Apple resellers, there are plenty of headphones (no earphones) which you can try out but most of them are in the high-end range. For those in a budget, they are just out of luck and have to rely on what other people are saying.


Well I recently came across this new store in Robinson’s Galleria called Egghead. The store offers all sorts of headphones and earphones that you can audition, including obscure brands like SoundMagic and Superlux, which are earning rave reviews from audiophiles all over the world.

I’m not here to tell you which one to get if you’re in the market for budget earphones or headphones but I definitely urge you to audition these two brands and you will be surprised with how good their sound quality is. It’s like you’re paying for top-notch cans for just 1/3 of the price.


In fact, I bought one of the well-kept secrets in the audiophile world (aside from the Soundmagic PL11) for my commute earphones, the budget Superlux HD381 for Php995. You can also check out the Superlux HD572 headphones which are quite a steal at Php800 if you’re not into earphones.

Egghead also carries other brands like Sennheiser, SkullCandy, AKG, Audio-Technica, HiSound and even the FiiO portable headphone amplifier which you should definitely check out when you happen to find yourself in that store.

FYI, I am in no way asked to promote Egghead. I just think it’s a nice find that’s worth sharing to you guys who are looking to try out earphones/headphones that won’t kill your budget.

Egghead is located at the basement of Robinson’s Galleria near Watson’s. They’re also GoGadgets by the way which is located at Gilmore.

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  • JmBalicano

    Ahh.. “Budget”. I love that word πŸ™‚ This is a great find..

  • moracajay

    Sir waiting for your review of Superlux HD381, and how’s the sound quality compared to SoundMagic PL11?

  • Quick Brown Fox

    It felt funny reading this article since I just recently purchased SoundMagic (E30), Superlux (the highly acclaimed HD668b), and FiiO (E11) products in the past two months.

    And they’re GoGadgets? Last time I looked at their TPC offerings, they didn’t sell any ATH products. Any idea if they sell M50’s before I take a swing at Robinson’s?

    • well there’s no ATH at the store yet, the guy told me it’s coming in a few weeks.

  • Carl

    Ooohh… san to sa Galleria? Ilang beses na ako pumupunta dun, di ko man lang nakikita yan haha.

    • malapit dun sa kung san tayo nagkasalubong. sa may dimsum and dumpling ata yun.

  • tu9tifive

    Thanks for the info, Calvin!

    I was and still am looking for a budget earphones that I can use for my daily commute, and it seems like the the Superlux brands fit my budget perfect. I work in the Ortigas area so this article is a great lead to my “sound-searching”

    • cool. Glad this post was of help.

  • Naghanap agad ako ng review nung nabasa ko to:

    Thanks! I’ll get this ASAP! Hahaha for sure tataas ang presyo nito. I got an a-JAYS Three before at around P2700 and now it retails at about P3600.

  • James Ryan

    ang ganda naman nitong article na ‘to. sana may review ka din tungkol Superlux HD381. I need to purchase new earphones. Thanks.

    • if you google the superlux hd381, daming ok na reviews. actually hd381f daw yung maganda pero for my taste the hd381 talaga eh.

      • Eric

        Hi Chief, I also prefer HD381 over the other 2 πŸ™‚ pero my eyes are all set for SoundMagic PL11 πŸ˜› Thanks for this post BTW, very helpful πŸ™‚

  • MIca

    Thanks for this! My dog just chewed on mine 😐

  • MIca

    Can you suggest a budget earphone that is earbud type not in-ear type? Thank you! πŸ™‚

    • there’s one on-ear type in the store that their sales guy told me but i forgot the name :P. the guys there pretty much know their headphones so you might want to visit the place and get advise from them.

      • MIca

        thank you for that! i will definitely pass by! thank you!

  • Griswold

    thanks for this tip! will definitely check it out. ayaw ko ilabas yung mamahaling kong earphones eh, hanap ako ok na budget.

  • Lezure2010

    Nice find sir Calvin.

    I’ve been continually looming over items at the Gogadgets multiply page. It’s nice to see you recommending bang for the buck headphones here.

    The superlux hd381 and all other variations are definitely top notch!!!

  • The post was great. It has a lot of information to offer. Please notify me for the upcoming posts. Great Thanks.

  • kendra

    been there many times to check ATH and superlux… too bad that the “tinderos” egghead hired are not that knowledgeable in terms of what they’re selling.. you’ll ask them about ohms and the like and they’ll just offer the bass-pumpin cans and they usually wants them to test the cans with their amps. you have to go there on your own instinct. you can’t rely on these two guys but hence, the store has a good choice of products to offer.. just my five cents…

    • kendra

      ?wants them?…just a typo….i mean “wants you”

  • Harold Punsalan

    hd381 ang gamit ko ngayon which I bought sa Gale, there are 3 types of hd381 there. all types are in different color, the black is “rich bass”, white is “clarity”, i can’t remember the gray pero ang binili ko yung black. ang galing hanep sa tunog, and take note they are giving 1 year warranty for hd381… (“,)

  • Dmax

    Nice share buddy… Been looking for this kind of place… A bit sad because they should carry more brands with their business… Ill be checking this one this weekend. Buy something for myself after a month long of work… πŸ™‚ Thanks again…

    • they added some more brands including high end ones like AKGs.

  • Zo

    so i just saw this article now, and hey, what a good find!

    wondering if you’ve been there recently, Calvin?

    Wanted to know if they’re prices on the Senn’s and AKG’s are cheaper than those in more popular stores (mac stores, concept stores, etc)?

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Zo

      sorry *their*

    • you can check out for prices. they also own egghead.

      • Zo

        thanks alot Calvin! πŸ™‚

  • Jerylle R.

    Thanks to this!! haha I am really looking for a store like this and good thing I go to galleria almost everyday yey! Kakasira lang ng headphones ko (1 year din kami nagtagal) and i’m actually looking for a store nag nagtitinda ng mga earphones/headphones.. tight ang budget ko so this is really helpful.. thanks sir calvs πŸ™‚