AV-Test declares BitDefender ISS 2011 as top security software

Well what do you know? According to a test made by AV-Test which is an independent IT-security institute, BitDefender’s Internet Security Suite 2011 provides the best performance for a security software in the areas of protection, repair and usability.

The test results indicates performance for the 1st quarter of 2011 only though. They were 9th in the 3rd quarter of last year. Where are the other big names for the 1st quarter of this year? Kaspersky: ISS 2011 is at number 4 while Norton Internet Security 2011 is trailing behind it. Microsoft’s Security Essential 2.0 is way below at number 21.


The report looked at twenty-two security software suites in the categories of protection, repair and performance.  BitDefender Internet Security 2011 was found to have the joint-best overall score, alongside another product that uses BitDefender technology. It was also the only product to receive the maximum score for protection.

Andreas Marx, AV-Test CEO, commented:

“œBitDefender offered the best protection during our tests, which ran for the full first quarter of 2011. Besides this, it also reached very good scores for cleaning up already infected systems without slowing-down the system too much or producing a lot of false positives. That’s a very impressive result.”

So anybody using BitDefender here?

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  • 21

    I’am using ESET SS. Not the best, but the lightest !

  • Fren

    Then how come my comp ended up worse when i used it? 🙁

  • 21

    Bitdefnder is not really compatible to Windows Vista, better run it on XP!