Avoiding Laptop Theft

The CoolTOYZ laptop shop posted their tips on avoiding laptop theft.

In short:

  • Enable the BIOS Password
  • Mark the laptop
  • Write down the serial number
  • Use strong passwords or encrypt your data
  • Be careful in public places, don’t leave it unattended
  • Disguise it
  • Walk with it in front of you, not at the side
  • Do not leave it in your vehicle
  • Back it up regularly
  • Lock it up
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  • Fleeb

    * Leave it at home
    * Install a GPS module to track it down in case it gets stolen


  • i hate those black boxy bags that come with laptops. i’d suggest getting yourself a discreet backpack-type bag for your precious machine. the decent ones cost anywhere from php 2,000 to php 5,000. i think anything more expensive than that is overkill (unless you have big bucks to spare). ihough I, myself, got a backpack with a laptop pocket from Hawk for only PhP 699.00. now that’s cheap.

    oh, you can also get yourself a kensington lock. good ones retail for about php 1,900.

  • I’ll do that when I get my own unit someday. For now, the black stock bag for my office-issued laptop will suffice since it rarely leaves the campus.

  • one thing i don’t like about those black thingies is that it’s like announcing “hey, i have a laptop over here. care to steal it?” mainit sa mata.

    and most are tacky, imho, but some laptop-case-type bags look decent enough. depende sa brand. some laptops come in nice samsonite cases. but most come with generic ones. but if you ride public transpo, and you carry around your computer, then you’re better off in something not as high-profile.

    at any rate, laptops nowadays serve as desktop replacements–rarely leaving the desk, such as your own unit, migs. but that poses another problem: theft while on the desk. that’s where a cable-type lock would be useful.

  • Which is good considering rising oil prices – Now that’s another article! My desk doesn’t have a lock hole, though.

  • Migs wrote:
    > My desk doesn’t have a lock hole, though.

    You can latch it to your officemate’s nose-ring hole. (biro lang)

    We got a Samsonite bag at around P4000 for my wife’s 12″ laptop. It’s discreet enough.

    But we were really eyeing this orange postman type bag at Gilmore, ‘di talaga halata what’s in the bag. Yun nga lang it was around P6000. Yup, at that price, overkill na iyon for me.

    ka edong

  • Or get a Targus Notebook Jacket, so you can put your laptop to any relevant-sized bag you want. Kensington locks are also practical.

    In Singapore there’s even an alarm system that you can install, if armed will goes of at a set distance between you and your laptop.

  • > if armed will goes of at a set distance between you and your laptop.


    Sounds like my Edong’s Dream: Wireless Leash.

    ka edong

  • on laptop bags, if you are in the Clark area, drop by at PureGold they have $25 Nike Basic Dial Backpack there perfect for 12″ lappys. Looks rather good too.



  • i’d still recommend the brenthaven line for powerbooks… the backpack version is really nice… plus maporma pa, if you can shell out $160..

  • laptop is noticeable anywhere you put it. the safest way to keep it is to attend to it all time. but that’s not safe enough. though you always have an eye on it, it can still be grabbed/snatched from you. or say, “hey! i wanna have your laptop. *with a gun pointed on you.”

  • “on laptop bags, if you are in the Clark area, drop by at PureGold they have $25 Nike Basic Dial Backpack there perfect for 12″ lappys. Looks rather good too.”

    Oo maganda yan, kaya lang hindi ako maka-Nike. Hinahanap ko yung Adidas Networker pero ngayon ang daming nilabas ng Adidas na hindi mo alam kung pang laptop or for something else. 😉

  • polo

    pag nauwi ako satin, diretso sa palengke. bili ng bayong. yung native hindi yung plastic. kasyang kasya ang sony laptop, dvcam en digicam.

  • Bayong! wahahahahha

    Seriously, always assume that you will lose your laptop one way or the other. Always backup data and protect it. If your laptop is more expensive than the data it contains, then you have a problem 😉

    It doesnt mean you can be careless. Common sense na lang yan. I still think mas mainit sa mata ang cell phone dahil mas madali ma liquidate kaysa laptop.

  • sam_champloo

    J. Angelo, where did you find the 600 peso hawk bag?

    what i’d really like to get is a vertically-oriented messenger-type bag. that, or a laptop sleeve. so i can place it in any bag i use. =)