Bad taste jokes at Yes FM Love Radio

It’s lunch hour and you’re trying to enjoy the only refuge you have from the ravages of work for the next five hours. But the radio at the fastfood joint is blaring, at full volume, audio from FM station 101.1 Yes FM. And the silly, helium-voiced DJ keeps on blabbering those green jokes and you think, WTF, there are kids here! Those jokes don’t seem to appropriate for the general audience!

Update: I stand corrected. The radio station is actually Love Radio, and not Yes FM. But still, it can’t be denied that there are also other erring stations. Check out the comment thread below.

Or perhaps you’re in a cab with your grade-school aged daughter. Or perhaps you’re in your car and a jeepney passes you, ‘woofers at full throttle. Or perhaps you’re at home, station-surfing for that new, popular song you just love (and maybe LSSing on).

One time or another, we Metro Manilans are bound to have our ears pestered by this radio characted called “kukurukuku.” Not only are the jokes super corny, they’re not even fit for general patronage. And what’s ironic is, the station is being marketed for a mass audience (read: masa), but the content doesn’t seem fit for the airwaves.

And it gets really bad especially since this is the radio station of choice of about 99.9% of public-utility-vehicle drivers.

I think the regulatory bodies should have a word with the station’s producers.

And the playlist–well, that’s worthy of yet another lengthy blog post.

Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?

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  • The modern answer to “Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?” is a definite no.

    It’s easier to Google something than to remember it. 😉

  • I totally agree with you! I dislike that radio station, specially those green jokes they say. it’s so annoying!

  • I think the station you are pertaining to is LOVE RADIO. Anyway, those FM Stations do $uck. Corny-green jokes as well as DJ’s. WTF.

  • I guess there are regulating bodies that should address issues like this, maybe the KBP? I’m not sure if the KBP’s scope includes radio.

    On the other hand, it’s a free country, you can listen to any radio station, any music that suits your taste. But that doesn’t free them from their responsibility to respect the sensibilities of their listeners.

    If we think hard about this, the free market should provide the product’s direction. In this case, the bad programming should push it out of the map really soon. 🙂

  • It feeds mouths. Of course they’ll go where its lucrative. Why set up another jazz, rock, college radio-type station when it only addresses a small number of the populace. Advertisers will, of course, opt for mass appeal, unless the masses can’t afford the products/services they push.

    Now, if only we could have something like that radio station in the old Northern Exposure show, where you could play ’20s jazz, speed metal, peppered with some words from Walt Whitman.

  • willie revillame and the likes, radio version yata yan.

  • yeeshh…. and they said LA 105 was bad (back when it was still an edge rock station)… at least that station was targeted towards the underground. and they took that off the air….

    or maybe the guys in the regulatory bodies also like this other station?

  • angelle

    i do hate that station too.. sometimes, when i go to ortigas or makati and well, since im not originally from here, i just take the bus. goodness gracious!!! early in the morning, the first thing that i would hear are the corny green jokes.. hope the regulating body for this particular concern would do something for this.. they give out jokes which are not funny.. and also the DJs, they crack crazy jokes too!!

  • I agree with daddy nice ash that perhaps the station pertained to is Love radio.
    I really don’t like the comments/green jokes of the DJs. Isn’t there an MTRCB-like body for radio stations?

  • I stand corrected. It’s Love radio.

    Any other bad radio stations?

  • See it this way …
    Marami silang ads, siguro nga sikat sila …
    Uso ang novelty song, siguro nga uso sila …
    Hindi lang Tayo ang mga target audience/market nila.

  • Kikkomann

    It’s so funny that you notice the radio station’s b.s. and gang-up on it while there are so many larger form’s of media (like T.V.), esp. ABS-CBN doing the same load of sh*t (worse, actually).

  • I’ve actually written on other media’s B.S. long ago in my other postings elsewhere.

    Hey wait, are you a kapuso or something? 🙂 What about GMA 7?

  • geeshacque


  • geeshacque

    I BEG TO DISAGREE! Don’t be too “oh so good” “oh so nice” citizens…people needs a good laugh…most filipinoes find green jokes really funny…ITS NICE TO HAVE A LAUGH EVERY MORNING!!!!…AS WELL AS THROUGH OUT THE DAY!!! IT HELPS RELEASE TENSION AND STRESS…my point here is people are different on how they convey messages and how they will RECEIVE and REACT on it..filipinoes are far more intelligent than what you think…

  • geeshacque

    duh..angelo..please define “bad station”…and whats the difference between YOU and these “so-called bad radio stations of yours”…”bad-stations” help citizens (not only class a but A to D to have a good laugh..and help criticize these “bad stations” because they tagalized your blog 101 (whatever)…aren’t you glad SOME PEOPLE READ WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN…dont you think that they translated it because they find it funny but still they tagalized so that the masang pilipino could understand it better….OR YOU’RE JUST TOOO ANGRY BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T RECOGNIZE NOR MENTION YOUR NAME ON AIR AS THE WRITER…:p

  • Vahg

    Speaking of marketing, there was even a discussion about Pinoy movies, why isn’t there a good Pinoy movie for a long time… well the average Juan would simply want to see their favorite actor and the kilig factor with the leading lady on screen… doesn’t matter what the movie is all about. It also applies on other media…

  • Vahg

    Ah the masa appeal… no wonder why Erap is so popular with the masa. They compose the bulk of the market. 😀

  • i dont really get it…
    kung ayaw mo nun station na un de wag.
    and pretty sure that you are pointing to that tandem, weekdays between 8-9am. am i right?
    if you will be trapped in a nowhere wherein the only station is that loveradio station you better shut that radio up. kasimpleng bagay msyadong pinalalaki… cgurado ako its not the station ang ganda ganda ng mga songs dun every sundays eh… un lang tlgang dalwang Djs duon ang tinutukoy mo.. /swt

  • @geeshacque,

    Did I actually write “bad station?” I don’t see “bad station” anywhere.

    It’s great to have a good laugh, but not at the expense of affecting other people’s sensitivities, i.e. the “general patronage” crowd.

  • geeshacque

    @J. Angelo Racoma

    to quote: » November 2nd, 2005 01:21
    I stand corrected. It’s Love radio.

    Any other bad radio stations? …

    It’s great to have a good laugh, but not at the expense of affecting other people’s sensitivities, i.e. the “general patronage” crowd. —-> you’re not even airing “other people’s sensitivities”…ITS YOUR SENSITIVITIES that you are raising here…RE: YOUR ARTICLE…

  • geeshacque

    ..i agree with Mark…kung ayaw mo ng station na yun wag mong pakinggan…errr if you are into the “other people’s sensitivities” you ought to know that people have different taste…

  • geeshacque

    …i felt bad that whenever people use the word masa…erap tags along…grow up! stop with the erap thing…just to remind you masa in english is public as an adjective it means
    1 of the people: ng madla, ng publiko
    2 belonging to the people: pambayan, ng bayan 3 for the people, serving the people: panlahat, pangkalahatan, pangmadla, pambayan, pangma- mamayan
    4 known to many or all: hayag, kalat, alam ng lahat ·
    masa/public as a noun it is defined as
    1 all the people: mga tao, taong-bayan, madla, masa
    2 in public, publicly, openly, not in private or secretly: hayagan, lantaran…..Vahg, i dont see erap under the definition of masa 🙂

  • @geeshacque,

    Hehe. Oo nga, I wrote that in the comment section. My mistake. 🙂

  • Leo Mendez

    90.7 Hoy, favorite ko yan lalo na si nikoleyala.Mas maganda paliparin ang kotse pag sila napapakinggan ko at kaysa mainis ka sa trapik makinig ka na lang para di uminit ulo nyo.You people na masyado pa conservative kala niyo naman maraming tayong magagandang kataingan na maipagmamalaki.Palibhasa sikat lang ang station kaya hinahatak niyo.Or maybe late kayo pumasok kaya inaabot niyo ang station .Hirap sa inyo pag nagsisimba kayo lahat ng magagagamdang sermon ng pari nalilimutan niyo pag labas ng simbahan.Lahat ng mga joke ng love radio natatandaan niyo.Sino ngayon ang sumikat?sino ngayon ang apektado?Masyado kayong banal na Aso at Santong kabayo.Kung ayaw nyo makinig lagyan niyo ng bulak ang mga tainga nyo.


    kailangan pa bang i memorize yan?

  • i hate that station.. all the DJ’s do was laugh, snork, laugh, snork, more laugh and more snork on their stupid jokes that wasnt even funny, infact its racist, its green, its stupid (hey, ive said that already) its moronic, its degrading, and everything in between.. i just dont get it why everywhere i go all i can hear is that stupid radio station.. i mean, the song is somehow okay but the garbage that those DJ’s keeps on talking about, evrytime i hear them laugh all i wanna do is pull my teeth off.. no offense to them, i mean i know they are just doing their job, but i dont know, i just hate that radio station.. whoooooooooo i love NU!!!

  • Conservative?

    I’d say we should have a sense of propriety, especially when dealing with the general public.

    There are proper places to be un-conservative, such as when in private or when with a group of people whom you know will not be adverseley affected. I consider myself to be a rebel and very nonconformist in a lot of ways. But when it comes to the general public, I always try to carry myself with dignity.

    At any rate, we’re just hoping to be constructive here. Just a piece of good advice.

  • well for the haters of that station (including me), There is always your Ipod or (insert name of MP3,walkman,discman player here.). Just get those bog headphones and never hear that again!

  • hey guys!
    It’s just a matter of taste. kung ayaw nyong makinig, e di wag!

    Kelangan pa bang i terrorize yan?

  • “Kaylangan pa bang imemorize yan?” was that a question? I dont think so! Closed your mouth like hear nothing, open your ears wide and eat what you thinking…….how are you going to do that?? that’s not my problem anymore……you know whom i talking to? yeah, its you baby….

  • “kung ayaw nyong makinig, e di wag!”

    If only our ears had lids like our eyes.

    What about those without [insert name of popular portable media player here] or other options?

  • zer0type

    NU 107 fanatic here… if the radio is not set to NU 107, then its no radio…

    and btw… the way most radio stations make some masa propaganda lines like “kailangan pa ba i memorize yan?”, and “kukurukuku”… are making filipinos dumb!

  • bacon banana

    … I still believe in the power of choice..
    If we don’t want something, then, do something to get out of it…

    kung ayaw natin ng naririnig natin, we can turn-off the radio or change the dial..
    di lang tayo ang tao sa mundo, me maaaring natutuwa o naiinis, respetuhan na lang..
    yun nga lang, kung nakasakay ka na sa bus or jeep, at yun ang station, at ayaw natin sya marinig,
    pwede tayo bumaba, maghanap ng ibang sasakyan, paki-usapan ang driver na ilipat ang station ( o patayin na lang kung ganun kalakas ang loob mo.. hehehe.. ) or tyagain na lang.. besides, pag-uwi mo naman, ikaw pa rin ang me hawak ng control ng radyo mo…

  • raquel baliguas

    hi naku……..alam nio d namn ang love radio ung bastos e….nsa tao yn……kung madumi ang icip ng nakiking tlgang lalabas na bastos ang love radio…….kc kung mapapancn ntn na gusto lng mgpasaya ng tao ang love radio….ska nililinaw namn db…….cguro ung mga ng sasav n ang love radio is bad station sad to say i dis agree to them,,,,cla ang mga greenminded,,,’;inggit lng yn kc ckat n ckat na ang love radoi…………………

  • to raquel baliguas – –

    GAH I hate it when people type the way you do.

  • JackCrowley

    “kung ayaw nyong makinig, e di wag!”

    too bad, our hearing is always the last of our faculties to go before we die, and it’s the one sense that can’t be shut off. hindi pwedeng sabihin na h’wag makinig dahil kahit anong gawin mo, kung walang earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones/earphones na gamit, maririnig at maririnig mo talaga ang sounds sa paligid mo.

    as for LOVE RADIO – – – yes, they’re entitled to express themselves pero they’re not entitled to say those green jokes na obviously eh may double meaning. yes nasa tao ang interpretation nun, in the first place, pag nag joke sila, pero talagang may intention to convey a different meaning. halata naman eh, kasi before completing the joke, ibibitin muna nung “helium-filled” voice na kukurukuku before delivering the punchline. ang dali magpalusot at sabihing “hindi naman greenjoke you eh, ikaw lang ang bastos” at mas madaling manisi.

    c’mon, wag naman nating gawing tanga ang pinoy at sabihing bastos lang ang mag-iisip ng masama sa mga green jokes.

    dapat kalampagin ang National Telecommunications Commission dahil sila governing body sa content ng FM at AM radio. masyado silang naka-focus ngayon sa mga cellular services kaya nakalimutan na ang radio. or mga fans din lang ng LOVE RADIO ang mga taga-NTC kaya nagbibingi-bingihan na lang sila?

    i-respeto rin dapat ng LOVE RADIO ang opinion ng mga taong nasusuka sa taste nila. madali nga maglipat ng radio station eh pano kung nasa PUV ka? no choice di ba? again, hindi mo pwedeng i-shut down ang pandinig mo.

  • olie

    When we feel discrimination, we get hurt. When we get hurt we become angry, when we are angry, we become irrational. Thats whats going on here. The key word here is the “General Patronage”. This is different from the “General public”. Because of these misconception, people tent to become very sensitive. We are not discriminationg anyone here. The point is we have to be concerned for the general patronage. Would you like your children to hear things not suitable for their age? Think about it. If the kids get used to these kinds of jokes, they will think it is normal. They will not share these jokes to the adults but they will share them among his/her peers. Imagine your ten year old son giving green jokes to his classmates. Is that funny?

    I myself is a non conformist. A a fan of alternative music and my station is NU 107. But I have nothing against “masa” stations. Actually I also like to listen to them especially when I’m in the bus or any public traspo. It gives me the chance to connect to the mass and look into reality. This is reality. This is our culture. We can never escape our race. We can never deny our fellow citizen. Narrow mindedness is just keeping us apart. “Kanya-kanya” attitude is also part of our culture. There are wrong things that we cannot change but atleast let us address them!

    I love being a Pinoy!

  • erona

    As I understand, the issue here is not about Love Radio but telling ‘green jokes’ on the radio. I believe other stations do the same but maybe not as often as 90.7 does.

    I personally don’t think that grade schools will have any idea about green jokes as long as it is told in a way only adults can understand. Green jokes doesn’t make anyone less of a person, it is just there to make you smile.

    Kids, in my opinion, upon hearing green jokes, will rather ask what’s funny about that OR ignore what they heard for they can’t understand what the DJ just uttered.

  • well, bout your comments i agree that minsan medyo alanganin nga jokes dun but most filipinos love green jokes. i don’t wanna tell you guys that i haven’t been on that tune or station but to tell you sincerely may mga instances na kakatawa pero madalas nga lang cornicks hehehe. pero siguro kelangan nga ding iwasan yung mga double meaning na jokes to avoid na ma-intercept pa ng mga grade school / kids. pero as of now hindi naman nating pwedeng sabihin sa may-ari ng tindahan, driver ng jeep or sa mga nagmamay-ari ng radio na nakikinig sa naturang station na pakilipat dahil karapatan nilang makinig dun so siguro ang magagawa natin ipaliwanag sa mga kabataan na kung ano man ang naririnig nila ay hindi lahat nakakatuwa or tama na dapat isaisip. dahil minsan naman kahit anong gawin nating pag-iwas sa kabataan eh maririnig pa rin nila ito dahil hindi naman lahat ng tao eh kagaya ng paiisip natin, di ba? so mas mahalaga pa rin to teach our children or kids the good and bad things about radio. yun lang mga dudes sa palagay ko!

  • bhadz

    “dapat kalampagin ang National Telecommunications Commission dahil sila governing body sa content ng FM at AM radio. masyado silang naka-focus ngayon sa mga cellular services kaya nakalimutan na ang radio. or mga fans din lang ng LOVE RADIO ang mga taga-NTC kaya nagbibingi-bingihan na lang sila?”

    posted by:
    JackCrowley » September 25th, 2006 15:23

    “kung ayaw nyong makinig, e di wag!”

    -tanong ko lng po sayo, dapat bang NTC tlga ang dapat sisihin sa mga ganyan? kasi sinasama mo ang pangalan nila eh…
    alam mo ba talaga mga sinasabi mo jan?

  • hwag naman kayong ganyan para sakin maganda ang dalawang station kc parehas clang nagdadala ng kasiyahan

  • para sa mga mahirap yan, para makalimutan ang problema, pampalipas-gutom. sila un karamihan ng sumasakay sa “public utility vehicles”.

    pakialam nila sa inyong mga middle at upper class. e sisibat din naman kayo pa-abroad kung may pagkakataon?

  • tapa

    pero kahit na, pa ulit ulit yung kukurukuku nayan na ma bobobo tayong lahat! Walang sense at walang logic mga kukurukuku nayan!

  • warbaby

    I am a young professional with 4 degrees under my sleeves and I confess that listening to 90.7 has been part of my daily ritual. I was listening to NU 107 before and RX (Chico and Delamar) but accidentally, due to poor reception, my office radio got stucked at 90.7. One time, I caught nicolehiyala’s program and I must admit – i find it interestingly different.

    The program is typically “jologs” in nature but honestly, i find it very relieving. With the stress I encounter everyday with work and business, its very refereshing to listen to her program as she gives hilarious non sensical advices. The show was put up for entertainment purpose SOLELY – no more no less and in the final analysis, this objective is met. The program is not meant to educate nor provide salvation to national issues.

    Being offended by the comments thrown by Nicole and Chris Tsuper is relative. I agree with one comment posted here – if you find the program done in bad taste, you always have the option to shut your radio or change the frequency. Sometimes we have to loosen up and just enjoy life as how ordinary people do.

    Chill out and enjoy life.Do not think for a second that banning the show can catapult the literacy level of the common pinoy.

  • trisha

    if you guys can’t bear with their jokes. then don’t. they’re just making their best to entertain us. if it’s not best for you, you must be expecting too much of it.

    kung may bata mang nakakarinig ng mga jokes nila, anjan naman yung parents/guardian nila to guide them, marunong naman siguro sila magbantay sa mga anak or alaga nila.

    in this country, mahirap ang money… kung wala kang diskarte…wala ka, dun kumikita ang mga radio stations eh. maybe their mindset is ganun talaga tayong mga pinoy magisip.

    kung makapag-judge kayo, akala niyo walang mali sa inyo. tao lang din sila, kayo din.

    stop criticizing.
    come to think of it.

  • supermasa

    Sa lahat ng naaaliw sa kaOAyan, kaplastikan at kajologan ng mga dj at mascot ng love radio, wala kayong taste. Ibig sabihin, hindi kayo nag-iisip at mababaw ang kaligayahan nyo. Atsaka binoto nyo si Erap at FPJ nung nagdaang eleksyon. Atsaka idol nyo si Willie Revillame. At paborito nyong kanta Otso Otso. Ang sunod nyong paboritong kanta Spaghetti. At alam nyo ung choreography ng Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin ni April Boy. Ang paborito nyong love team Judy Ann at Wowie.

  • clifford_matt

    Grabe! I though love radio lang ung may ganyang klaseng format! I got shocked when I listened to the radio for a couple hours changing stations from one to another. Pati WRR 101.9 at YES FM 101.1 may bisayang barok narin na nag sasalita! Plus the corny jokes. Anong bang ibig sabihin nito? Ma benta ang love radio sa maraming tagapa pakinig at no choice ung ibang stations kung hindi sumabay sa trend para lang hindi bumaba ang rating?

    tsk tsk tsk tsk……

    ask ni kukurukuku “kuya, bakit naka YES ka?…….. Isipin mo na lang, LOVE radio yan!!!”

  • superman

    Hello, basta ako naeenjoy kay Nicole at Chris. I dont find them jolog. Its my daily ritual to listen to them every morning. Nakakaalis kasi ng stress

  • acej

    grabe naman ang bad naman! hindi naman lahat ganun eh….bakit ikaw ba hindi ka ganun?

  • You go to get a balance inquiry, and instead of printing out a receipt the screen says: “Not worth wasting paper”, and ejects your card. You try to get a balance inquiry, and the screen says: “Account not found.” and keeps your card.
    You insert your card, and try to get some cash, and the ATM laughs and spits out your shredded card.
    You withdraw some money to pay some bills, count it, and the screen says: “What, you thought there was some EXTRA there? HA!”, and ejects your card clear across the room.
    You think you’ve got $100 in your account and go to take out $50, and the screen says: “Not in this lifetime.” and laughs as you bang on the machine, trying desperately to get your card back that the machine has taken.
    You go to the ATM, and there’s a picture of you a-la-“Most Wanted” staring forlornly at the ATM camera with a caption that reads: “Wanted for trying to get water from a dry well.”
    Bankers do it risk-free.
    Bankers do it just for money.
    Bankers charge a fee each time they do it.
    Bankers do it with varying rates of interest.
    Bankers do it with a penalty for early withdrawal.

  • Pinoy Din Ako

    Yes, you can always turn off the radio; get off the public utility vehicles; or better yet watch tv. But if the people rate 90.7 as no. 1 in FM stations, respect the opinion of the majority. After all, who cares about your opinion. You do not own “our” radios; you do not pay for our electric bills; you do not advertise in that station. You know, I like Nicole and Chris.

    Pare, titulado rin akong tao and have labored for more than a decade in college for titles few people have but I do not denigrate anyone because of his preference. After all, what makes me happy is good for me quesehodang jologs ako. Being sophisticated never adds color in my life anyway.

  • Joey Quesada

    Filipinos are hypocrite! Im also a Filipino but thats a fact.No one can disagree to that!As a filipino I must accept that! Dont you ask yourself why is it that if you communicate to someone and youre talking about our genital organ or about sex we cannot translate the words in our own language…we use Euphimism/english word or scientific word. and if we hear the double meaning jokes in fm we are thinking that its a bad.why?but if it is in english manner like if you listen to 89.9 its okay!but in Love radio, you questioned!!!what a hypocrite manner!cant we be a professional Filipino in our own language..I am a masscom practicioners and Im wishin’ that please open your mind as long as you are not immoral!!!

  • aaron

    I actually like this station, Love Radio. I’m sorry if many feel that they are insulted or offended in any way by “bad stations” but think of it this way, these “bad stations” are still on the air. That only means there is actual support for it. True, radio stations must respect the sensitivities of people who are offended but how about the sensitivities of other people who are not offended and actually enjoy these stations. When you call these stations “bad” you’re already implying that the people who listen to them have bad taste. It is important to note that those who enjoy listening to these radio stations are the majority of the people, who might be “masa” or otherwise. I am more sorry for you people who can’t and perceive more than themselves. Besides if its really that bad, why not just turn off the radio or change frequency? There are less people here defending maybe because most people have harder problems in life than just the green jokes they hear and these people (those with harder problems) don’t have the luxury of time to rant about in their blogs.

  • Hinata

    “Filipinos are hypocrite! Im also a Filipino but thats a fact.” LOL you just called YOURSELF a hypocrite.

    “I am a masscom practicioners” … no comment na ako dyan.

    Reading your post made my brain bleed. :\ Where did you get your mass com degree? Sisiguraduhin kong hindi ko ipapadala doon ang anak ko.

  • valerie

    hey man, no offense, but you’re problem is as petty as those microbes found in your body, or maybe even smaller.

    i mean, what do you care if those jokes are corny? i mean, its not their fault if they can’t deliver such prestigious jokes that level to your almighty-brain.

    you act to smart for your own good. you shouldn’t be called a Filipino you hypocrite!

    go take your brain someplace else where people all have heart as hard as rocks.

    that’s reality man, even if it doesn’t come from that station, kids are already exposed to those “green things”. kids can surf the internet and be exposed to those things for free, and an even worse image is given than those jokes by the radio’s broadcasters.

    lalng. hehe.

  • valerie

    haha joke lang.:D

  • Hi ! …
    You know that the “cold weapons”? …
    Do not think for long! …
    Here you … Knifes!

  • mc

    masaya ako pg nakikinig s love radio lalao n ang tambalan ng balasubas at balahura.. grabe kahit sobrang bgat ng problema mo pg nrinig mo n cla nikoleyala at christsuper.. sobrang idol k yang 2 yan.. inggit lng nani2ra s love radio…. 4 nicole and chris.. kng pgod kna s problma daanin mo lng s twa at kng baon kna s utang bayaran mo na kng ayaw mong tmaan ng lintik n karma hahahahahaha… love u poh love radio ure d best…..

  • mary anne drapieza

    hi ang pangit pala ni christuper at ang laki ng bibig mi nicole

  • Sa mga against sa Love Radio 90.7, Sinasabi nyo na ang pangit and bad taste ang mga jokes ng station. Hellooooo…mga kill joy lng kayo ang madudumi ang utak. When I was in Manila, marami ng mga FM Station ang gumagawa sa mga style ng jokes ng Love Radio lalong lalo na ang iFM na ang mga jokes ay walang kasense-sense. May mga kanya-kanya tayong paniniwala sa mga bagay-bagay at kung sinasabi nyong ayaw nyo sa Love Radio eh wag kayong makinig! very easy di ba?

    Mga critics na naiingit…keep your mouth shut up!

  • pauper

    the reason i’ve stopped listening to radio stations (except nu107) and just bought myself an mp3 player is to be spared from the irritatingly corny and unbelievably stupid jokes and remarks, which is sometimes unavoidably imposed upon me from the wrecked speakers of jeepneys on my ride home, from kukurukuku who, in my opinion, should be shot dead! anyone who patronizes that retarded midget (i imagine ‘it’ to be one) should also be shot dead because they obviously live such boring lives that kukurukuku’s beyond-bad-taste jokes has become the highlight of their sad and pathetic existence (like you, ryan montilla!)…

  • Stupid people

    Hey…just wanna comment…dont be too stupid to publish this nonsense on the net…Are you a priest or sumone religous? Hello???? come on…Wag kaung makinig anu ba???!!!


  • wag na kayong mag way para lahat masaya

  • real

    seems like a lot of you have so much 2 complain about the station,but hey,y r u all listening 2 it?…its ur choice if u wanna listen to oit,der!,just spending time posting all of ur complains?think about it…turn ur bloody radio off and lock urself in the bathroom!

  • real

    ipokrita tawag sa inyo,well may choice kau kng gus2 nyo o hinde,y the hell would u listen if u dont like the damn radio station?what a bunch of idiots!makinig na lng kau s AM kay kuya cesar ull probably enjoy better!

  • real

    ipokrita tawag sa inyo,puro reklamo mga nkikinig naman!jologs?ano ka madre o pare?KJ mo cguro all you listens to it while commuting right?so feeling nyo sosyal kau e s jeep o cab n lng pla kau nkk pakinig,buy urself a car so u dont have to put up wid it!

  • I stumbled on this thread dahil nakikinig ako ng Love Radio. Kayo ba? Nuff’s said about the topic actually, kung ayaw mo, wag mo. Nasabi na nila Warbaby at Jetza ang ibig kong ibahagi.

    I started tuning in to this station a month ago. I was just tired of listening to the same pop tunes or the same rock songs or the same crossover hits over and over… felt like I needed something different. Then this station was playing a Visayan song. It had a catchy melody but I couldn’t understand it. I needed to hear it again so I kept the station on. Also got hooked listening to Chris and Nicole… brainless entertainment!

    Still can’t find the title and the artist for that song I like. I deciphered the dialect though… really funny lyrics! Oozing with Filipino culture.

  • Ken

    Wala kang kwenta! Sa simbahan ka na lang tumira, puro ka reklamo! Wag mo maliitin mga maliliit na tao. Wag ka mgpa-conio HOY!!! Mabaho rin tae mo! Kukurukuku… Hindi mo alam marami tao napapasaya nila tapos ganyan ka. Sana karmahin ka!

  • Giboy Baldesco

    Ako ay palaging nakikinig sa 91.1 Love Radio, sa Tacloban, Leyte. Maganda ko ang mga style nila sa pag-entertain ng mga listeners ng radio station. Hindi naman “bad taste” yung mga jokes nila, dahil ito ay isa sa mga kanilang munting pamamaraan para lang mawala ang mga problema ng mga nakikinig sa kanila, kung meron man sila. Ang Love Radio ay isang magandang radio na No. 1 sa amin doon sa Tacloban!

    Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan? Bisyo na ‘to! No.1!

  • Poquercia

    OO nga, maraming hipokrito dito na kunyari naiirita pero deep inside natatawa. Kape kape nga jan.

  • Noel

    lahat ng tao ay may karapatang makinig sa kung anu mang programang kanyang naisin at tama lang na maging concern ka sa mga batang maaaring nakakarinig ng kanilang “corny at “green” jokes” pero sana naman ay ipaglaban mo din ang karapatan ng mga nasa radyo dahil ito ay nakalahad na karapatang pang tao na ipahayag ang kanyang ninanais.. maraming nagbuwis ng kanilang buhay sa karapatang ito at kailangan mo pang ireklamo ito sa regulatory board…. tulad mo napapahayag mo ng malaya ang iyong nasa isip…dba ang sarap ng pakiramdam? so wag ka sanang maging IMPOKRITA

  • paki tugtug naman ang paborito ko buong buhay ko,langit ayong tabi at paano na kaya.

  • Urangutan Urangutan

    Baliw Radio isigaw mo pare, Baliw Radio ang papangit nyo, Baliw Radio isigaw mo pare, Baliw Radio urangutan ang mayari sa inyo, kaya nga kayo nasa radio dahil pangit kayo, kailangan pa bang i memorize yannnnn….

  • Tieria

    i commute everyday, almost every single PUV out there listens to this kind of radio programming. I agree it is annoying, let’s just hope someday the government sees the implications done by these wayward,profound,ridiculous,groutesque,and english degrading programs. for now if you are like me, a commuter who also can’t stand what they hear in the PUV, I suggest you buy an Mp3 player or an Ipod, plug your ears, and set the volume on full! like the previous posts says, don’t listen to it you don’t want to. just pretend it’s nothing but noise

  • manny solis

    i am wondering why? we back 2003 to 2006 love radio 90.7 is our favorite fm radio, everytime we always tune in to their station to listen… kahit noong nsa bayambang pagnasinan pa ako sila na ang pinakikinggan ko… hanggang sa lumipat ako sa tarlac city nong 2003 sila parin ang pinakikinggan ko, noon nanjan pa si dr. love but ng tumagal nawala na but until now i am avid fan of love radio.. kahit sinong dj pinakikinggan ko, si kris tyuper, papa jack, monsur betero dati pero alam ko wala na sya, rico panyero, nicole yala, sexy terry… but my question is? bakit ngayon mahina na ang signal nila sa aming lugar? SAMANTALANG MARAMI ANG NAKIKINIG SA station ninyo? hwag kyo magtiwala sa mga inilagay nyong mga sister station nyo sa mga probinsya kc npka dry nila…. so i hope itong mesage ko ay bigyan nyo ng aksyon na hwag lang sa mega manila ang pagtuunan nyo ng pansin…. saludo ako sa inyo…. napakagaling nyo, pero nalulungkot ako kc ngayon di ko mkuha ang station nyo…… namimiss ko na tuloy c kukurokoko at pati na ci kadyot lang…..

  • daredevil

    kanyang kanyang trip lng yn., auko ung mga kanta sa love radio. pero nakakatuwa minsan ung tambalan kc ung mga topic nla related sa pang-araw-araw na buhay ng bawat pilipino. mayaman, mahirap, bata, matanda, lalo na ung mga kabit hahaha!!!laging boljak s dalawang host. ung seryosong usapan e nagagawan nla ng paraan para mapagaan.,pra s nagpost s blog na ‘to sir knyang knyang taste lng yan. wg natin seryosohin msyado hehe.,

  • I agree, minsan dina nakakatuwa ang mga jokes sa mga radio stations. Specially pag nasa long family trip madalas naka tuned in lang sa mga FM stations along with the kids. Kami we always tune in sa YES! FM 101.1. We even support and vote for it at as Pinoy’s Favorite FM Station.

  • papa jack nkita kita knina sa sm bcoor at hindi ko mpa2lampas na di ko msabi na cute ka pala,kc taga subaybay u me khit hanggang alas 2 ka ng mdaling araw,ang macho mo pala,yan lng po!!tc always!!!bye!!!


  • ericafhey

    hey.. s mga ayw mkinig ng love radio tkpan ninyo mga tenga nyo kung ayw nyo namn tagpcin nyo pra hbng buhy nyo ng d mpkinggan.. mga baduy kc mga pinkikinggn nyong radio station ky gnyan kyo..
    helo to te nicole at kuya christopher i always listening to your program lagi qng nkiking ng program nyo msydo qng naaaliw s mga nkkbliw ninyong advice n wlang went pero nkk2long s mdgdgn ung oras ninyo para mtgl ang tamb

  • Yes! I agree with this opinion. I dont like radio stations like Love, YES, 101.9, Magic, LS, IFM because:

    1. They played songs that can distract the persons who sleep especially children.

    2. They play hip-hop music which I dont like.

    3. They have “noisy’ DJ’s and greenish jokes.

    For me, my favorite radio stations are:

    97dot9 Home Radio
    105.1 Crossover
    92.3 XFM
    106.7 Dream FM.
    But my most favorite station is home radio because they dont have DJ’s, they only have a voice over. She did not play greenish jokes, but awesome and interesting trivia and Home Radio airs pleasing music that cant distract children who is sleeping.

    Thank you. by: Paul Adrian Samarita

  • I hope Love Radio and YES FM will abolished or I hope they will change their format.

  • kris

    you cant talk to their producers since this dead clowns in the airwaves is as bugok as the idiots they employ. piling nila maraming gaya nila na sumusuporta at nakikinig sa kanila, mga utak kabute.

  • the fallen angel

    to those who listen and continue to support this kind of radio format, you may see me as another meddling jerk, but I hope you guys won’t blame the government two to three decades later if this country’s literacy rate drops to 60%, because media like this is one of the main reasons kids get all of this junk fed into their heads! you people will realize this long after this day!! I will only laugh the day I see it happen!!

  • BoyBulag

    try nyo to listen sa other station n inglisero ganun din naman cla mga corny at green jokes or baka d nyo napupuna kc nag iinglish sila hehehehhe…yung iba nga may nag huhubad pa sa station nila at on air mismo pinapaalam n nag huhubad ang isang starlet n fok2 sa station nila..oh bat d kayo nag rereklamo…ay uu nga pala….NAG IINGLISH CLA at d nyo maintindihan…nakikinig din ako sa Monster or sa LS or sa Magic..meron cla corny at green jokes..perobat d nya napupuna…ay oo nga pala KC INGLISH… BAng…..

  • asec

    TANGINA!! kung madali lang magtakip ng tenga gaya ng pagpikit ginawa ko na. Nakakairita talaga yung mga hayop na DJ na doon sa Love. Ang hilig pa nila magpatugtog ng mga tagalized version songs at yung may “lyrics na magmahal ng bakla” TANGINA talaga!
    Meron kasing jologs na naglilipat ng sa station nayon dito sa office. Nakakairita!! Ang hirap magtrabaho. Buti na lang may IPod ako pag nasa bus or jeep. Sana mawala na yung lintek na radio station na yan.

  • Radio Listener

    Actually, it is not Love Radio that has those green jokes and punch lines. Yes FM is the most green national radio station in the country. Love Radio is nothing compared to the inconsiderate, rude, and unprofessional behaviors of Yes FM’s DJs. One of those DJs is my friend. I would say that he is the most considerate DJ there, but as a whole, Yes FM has a very unwholesome atmosphere. I love the way Bruno, Brownie, and Beauty deliver their jokes, though; they’re the best. I agree that radio stations that are not wholesome should not be used for public places like restos, fast food chains, and even public utility vehicles. But having corny jokes is not objectionable; it’s up to you to listen and appreciate…or not.

  • Hokuto1

    kahit kelan ayoko talaga ng mga ganyang “jologs” stations kasi talagang panira ng araw at tadtad ng green jokes, at ang masama pa doon sila din mismo ang dahilan kung bakit nagiging outdated ang opm songs sa walang kamatayang pagpapatugtog nila ng mga kanta ng air supply at sexbomb…sa mga tinatamaan at nasasaktan diyang mga listener ng mga jologs station…hindi kami nagdidiscriminate ng social status… nasa class c lng din ako ng society pero hahayaan niyo na lang ba na mabrainswashed kayo ng mga station na nagpla-play dumb sa ere??? hindi niyo kasi naiisip un, tignan natin after 5 years kung ano mangyari sa mga batang na-eexposed sa bastos fm

  • jim

    STUPID JOKES are good enough for STUPID PEOPLES, nuff said.

  • heheh

    pangit joke ng love radio…