Battling spam comments

Lately I have been hearing a lot of complaints from one of my friends who is using Blogger‘s service for his blog. He says that he’s been getting a lot of spam comments. I haven’t been using my Blogger account for a long time because I use other software. Anyhow, apparently, Blogger has done something to deal with it and Sean Uy has written about it recently.

In any case, it’s not very difficult. When you log in to Blogger, go to the Dashboard and select which blog’s settings to change. There is a tab for selecting changes in the way your blog would handle comments. Look for this:

Show word verification for comments?

And from there select “Yes.”

Currently, Sean is still experimenting with this and will be monitoring it for the next few weeks.

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  • Not bad. I’ve turned on word verification on Technobiography. It’s an additional layer of protection that drives away *some* but not all of blog SPAM.

  • I still moderate comments by hand because some real people type weird stuff.

  • I’ve visited blogs that allow comments for only a few days. I also noticed that some spammers post comments on old posts so allowing comments for a few days can help but of course it will not eliminate spam completely.

  • Closing comments automatically isn’t too good an idea – someone could add insights (and searchable content!) to your post.

  • Agree. Take this thread, for example.
    A discussion that began 2 weeks after the article was posted.

    What BatJay has on his blog is: moderated comments for reallllly old posts.

  • Migs: There are times that I do moderate the comments manually, even with SpamKarma 2.
    Greg Moreno: Comments for only a few days? Could you please give me the URLs of these blogs? I am really curious.
    Migs: I agree with you on closing comments. Insights are always nice… It’s just that some people spam a lot. Grrrr. That is annoying. But I have received some wonderful insights time and again 😀
    Ka Edong: I will check that out =)

  • Clair: Visit this one.. The post was made last Sep 8 but comments are now closed.

  • Ka Edong: Are you from UP Diliman, Compsoc? Your name sounds familiar.

  • > Ka Edong: Are you from UP Diliman, Compsoc? Your name sounds familiar.

    opo, kuya.