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BBM 7 brings BBM Voice, allows you to do voice chat over WiFi

Research In Motion (RIM) recently launched their latest BBM 7 and one of the new key features is BBM Voice which allows you to chat with your BB friends around the world over WiFi. Yeah, over WiFi so I guess you can’t really use BIS for this one not unless you have another BlackBerry acting as a WiFi hotspot.


Aside from BBM Voice, here are other new things you will be getting from BBM7:

Multi-tasking with Split-screen feature““ Customers can do more while theytalk, such as check other BBM text chats, check email, or navigate to other apps while engaged on a BBM Voice call.They can start a call in an instant, and switch between texting and talking, or text and talk at the same time. They canalso for example, send a picture to a contact while theyare talking with them.

  • Clear Visual Indicator ““ Customers can see when contacts are available for a voice call.
  • Convenient Compatibility with Accessories ““ Customers can use their favorite accessories, such as a Bluetooth or wired headset, or use the BlackBerry smartphone’s speakerphone.
  • 16 New Emoticons
  • Direct BBM Update Notification ““ BBM will now notify a customer when there is an update from within the app, and allow them to download it immediately from inside the app.
  • Simple BlackBerry ID Synchronization ““ BBM profile, Groups and Contacts are now linked to the BBID for easy backup and restore. The data will also carry over when they move to BlackBerry 10.

You can get BBM 7 if you have a BlackBerry running on BB 6 OS or higher with support planned for smartphones running the BB 5 OS early next year. The BBM 7 software update can be downloaded for free at appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/3729/.

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  • tortz

    its not going through, all you get is connecting, connecting and it wont let you talk. Will show voice chat failed due to a problem with network connection or busy.