BDO Email Scam Alert

Banco de Oro sent out a security bulletin to all its customer about a recent internet scam being circulated in emails that is part of a bigger modus operandi.

The scam being circulated through email attempts to lure recipients into giving details of their account and other information so that this may be used as a receiving account to commit the fraud.

This is the content of the email:


Good Day,

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Miss. Mary Ellaine Manguerra Villanueva, an ACCOUNTS CLARK with the BANCO DE ORO UNIVERSAL BANK. I am writing you this letter based on the latest development at my bank which I will like to bring to your personal edification. I am writing you this letter with so much joy and excitement even though my heart goes out to the very powerful and distinguished gentleman who I was fortunate to have worked for and extremely privileged to have known for numerous years. I am an official in charge of client accounts in BANCO DE ORO UNIVERSAL BANK inside the Philippines.

This is a legitimate transaction, and you will be paid 20% for your “Assistance”.If you are interested, please write back by mail and provide me with your confidential telephone number, fax number and email address and I will provide further details and instructions. Please keep this confidential;finally, please note that this must be concluded within two weeks.

I will assume all responsibilities for this endeavor so you don’t have to worry about any legal ramifications, just what you will do with all that money. Your urgent response is highly anticipated so please email me back for more details on this transaction as soon as possible. This should be kept very secret and confidential. I believe you know.

Kind Regards,
Miss. Mary Ellaine Villanueva.

The Modus Operandi

The Fraudster contacts the prospective victim with money-earning opportunities either via spam mails, through the Internet chat rooms, or job search websites whereby the fraudster will convince the victim to supply contact information. Once the victim responds, the fraudster tries to get additional information from the victim in the hope of getting an account related to a target bank.

The victim will receive funds into his account. These funds are stolen by the fraudster from another account or accounts that have been previously compromised.

The victim is then asked to take these funds out of their account and to transfer the amount overseas, typically using wire transfer, leaving a certain percentage to the victim as commission. Cooperating in such an activity is illegal. When caught, victims often have their bank accounts suspended, including their own money.

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  • Rudy Salas

    Any BDO Specialist or VP out there.

    I am a BDO client.I am employed by a Multinational company in PH on where I receive my salary through foreign remittance. Few months ago I tried to use eBanking for my own convenience, in paying my Bills,tranfering money to my kids account etc. At first I though BDO is Okey,later on I got pissed off due to a very long delay on the enrollment of two account to my eBanking account.They said it will take 5 days,,,unfortunately its been 20 days already and nothing happen. Imageine on the inconvenience you guys introduce to the eBanking when its a payments to billing you dont need a lot of documentation and proccesses, ( My filipino friends “this is becuase BDO earn a lot as a collector for other institutions they are being paid for this effort) but when its comes to trnasfering money to a SAMEEEEE BDO account they will give you alot of HEADACHE,,,as fo today its been 20 days now,they havent fixed my problem,they dont give attention to this request maybe becuase they “WON’T EARN additional money on this services”….This is my BANK…If I wher eyou guys who are trying to use this bank as your personnal Bank,,,pleaaasee think twice…THEY OFFER SERVICES WITH Equivalent revenue on their side,,for SERVICES that will entail them COST<<>>lets try other banks,,who provides better customer service…

    Thanks BDO for the service you provided for the past years,,,If you cannot cope up on large sclae of customer then better go bakc to the old BDO…pang maliiitan lang pala kayo,,pag malaki na customer base…wala na kayong kwenta…Bangkong Di Organizado..
    Sorry guys you may treat this as constructive cxriticism or destructive…but your customer has the option to choose on which Bank can provide better service.

    • I am Redito Mata Idano a bdo credit card and virtual card holder.
      When I received today, June 20, 2012, my billing statement, i saw a charge of P4,423.84 made by CLICKBANK*COM_B8M9FEJY 208-472-9400 USA.

      This transaction is not authorized by me. I only transacted once for a one dollar amount.

      Please help me how to get refund for this.

      My email address:[email protected]

  • Fleeb

    Nigerian scam pinoy style.

  • yo no caigo en estas mariqueras, de verdad que es una completa ladilla, por mi pocision mi correo electronico circula en toda la red, no se como carajo hacen para conseguir la direccion pero a diario me llega un pingazo de correo con esta misma guebonada, a veces les sigo la corriente para joder un rato, a veces hasta en mis datos personales les envio la direccion, el fax y el telefono de la policia local.

  • Jazz

    Salamat sa Nagpublished na c MISS. MARY ELLAINE VILLANUEVA ay SCAM muntik n ko.Ang Masama nabigay kana ung detail ko. Pro at least hindi ako nadali. Ngresearch me about sa kanya before i continue further para kc hindi sya fil. yung mga sagot nya kakaiba at ung edad masyado pang bata. Kawawa naman sya kc npublished n sya s scam. Well Sana Hndi mangyari s akin kc ngbigay n me ng detail. Pati ung bank draft cheque mali mali….

  • I am also a BDO Client and I have jokingly called them as Banco De Offline. The bank just loves to place several ATMs in a mall but most machines are offline all the time.

    Hassle when you know that an ATM is located in a particular area of the mall but when you go there, it’s offline. Then you have to run to the other building just to find out, it is still offline.

  • Phil

    I had the same letter but not the sam name but address was the same scam idea mentioned above.

  • carol

    Hi just to share maybe its happening already wit everyone too. my husband is a seaman…6 yrs already and we tried several ways t o received money…before i confident with my previous bank but when my husband transferred itenerary i decided to open up BDO account the first contract 6 month is good but that is not direct with them( ASENSO KABAYAN PROGRAM) burt thru7 New york bay then i claimed thru BDO…i can follow up my money and trace if ever delayed then BDO offered me acount direct …in few months everything run smooth but this last 2 paydays…i noticed something went wrong…i supposed to received it Dec. 26 but i got it Dec. 29….then now….my husband sent last jan. 15 and supposed to received dec. 16 but until now it cannot be traced everytime i called the hotline they said no pending yet nothing appears…i tried to contact the agent in BAhamas the one who processed to sent money they show me that they transmit the money at that time(dec.15) i called again the hotline of BDO and one of them told me the last transaction there was last dec. 26…OOOOPPS! i got the money dec. 29 it means they got my money around dec. 26 and not yet transmit immediately to my account…3 days who use the money?they delay it for what? and now my money still no trace.Is this really happening? someone using the money first then delayed the transmission to the bank account?Please help!

    • janna

      i also have the same problem lately, they delayed money sent to my account first 1 day then later 2 days and the most annoying prevailing rate is 59.01 for buying and they convert it into 48.00 per euro, see how much is differnce, they are steeling, and they have lots of alibi, they cant even response the follow ups right away, unreliable bank, THATS BDO!!!

  • Been using BDO for about 2 years now and ok naman sila, neever have that problem from them and hope it will stay that way 🙂

  • rina angheles

    magandang araw,may irereport sna kmi sa inyo bkit po napakaluwag nio pagdating sa open account,sa branch ng bdo sm southmall nagopen account si ms.hazel langamin madami sya niloko sa facebook account kung saan nagbbenta sya ng mga gadgets na diumanoy galing pa sa usa at by bank deposit nia tinatanggap ang pera ng mga naloko nia na pinangakuhanan ng pera na ipapadala nia ng mga order na gadgets after mgbyad at mkpagdeposit sa account nia.gingmit nia ang account nia sa bdo sm southmall pra mapagkatiwalaan sya at sinsabi nia na mahigpit daw ang mag open account dahil madmi daw kylngan proof dito.visit this site at eto ang bank account nia jan sa bdo southmall 0680884009

    malaking pera na ang nakuha nia gamit ang account nia jan sa banco de oro southmall.deactivated na din ang facebook account nia.sana po wag na kayo mging maluwag sa mga gnitong process ng open account jan sa banko nio.salamat

    • ann

      hindi yan padadaanin sa banko kung manloloko yang sinasabi mo ms. rina angeles.


    INFORMATION:I got a Business proposal from Mrs.JOAN MARIE ALFARO where she said me that works with Banco de Oro Universal Bank Philipines,LIKE ACCOUNTS CLERK I would want to know if it is true or she are trying to do something fraudelent.
    Thank you for your reply to my email.
    Luis Martinez

  • nie

    I want to report a BDO account name Sarah Mae D Manalo BDO account number(005030260219) an online seller because after i deposit the money no replies and i did not receive my item.Please consider my report so more victimize of this kind of scammer hope you can do also action for that…

    • Glenda Roxas

      I also wanted to report the name Carlisle Jacob Onraksa BDO account number (005340091326) an online seller also after I transferred the money through her account she said that her bank details was just used by her friend and after she withdraw the money her friend left after and stole her gadgets telling me she’s also a victim who would believe that kind of scheme.Nie and I has the same fate I haven’t recieve the item also.I hope also the bank would take actions regarding this matter.Thank you!

  • Nestor

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    Nestor Reyes
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