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Belkin wireless routers are designed for the average Juan

When you hear of Belkin, the first thing that comes into mind are accessories for Apple products right? Well they also do make routers, user-friendly routers that is and that’s what they’re planning to push in the market these days.

Belkin Wireless Router

What’s good about the new Belkin routers is that they’re made for the average home owner. Before, people usually ask techie guys to set up their wireless home network for them because it’s too complicated. Belkin aims to change all that with their new range of wireless routers.

Fool-proof installation

The new Belkin routers are packaged in such a way that you won’t be confused as to how to proceed when setting up your network. The cables are already plugged in on the router itself and all you need to do is plug them on their respective ports (modem and power supply).

Belkin Wireless Router

There’s already a pre-set unique password for each router printed on a cardboard so you don’t have to worry about setting up your network security. I think the reason why some people have an unsecured home network is because they don’t know how to set up the security on their router.

Apps for the Belkin wireless router

To make it easier for user to understand the capabilities and use their wireless routers, Belkin created these apps that are already selectively pre-installed on each model. Think of them as feature sets.

clip_image002Self Healing: Automatically detects and resolves network problems and runs routine maintenance scans to give the clearest wireless channel. Available on BasicSurf, Share, and Play Max.
clip_image004Memory Safe: Automatically backs up precious photos and important files to an external hard drive. Available on Share and Play Max.
clip_image006Print Genie: Print wirelessly from any computer on the network from anywhere in the home. Available on Share and Play Max.
clip_image008Music Mover: Play MP3s from a music library on the home stereo wirelessly. Connect an external hard drive on which to store music to the router””and move music from a computer to the stereo through devices like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Available on Play Max.
clip_image010Music Labeler: Automatically identifies and labels tracks with the correct title, artist, and genre. Available on Play Max.
clip_image012Daily DJ: Get daily personalized playlists from a music library based on your mood. Available on Play Max.
clip_image014Torrent Genie: Downloads large media files like movies, music, and games, even when the computer isn’t on. Available on Play Max.
clip_image016Bit Boost: Prioritizes traffic on the network for video, gaming, and VoIP, allowing easy selection of the most important data streams for seamless network traffic. Available on Play Max.

They’re all pretty jazzy and some you probably won’t ever use but what I like is the Torrent Genie which is only available on the Play Max. With Torrent Genie, you can connect a USB stick or an external hard drive directly on the router and download torrents directly onto it. After queuing your downloads, you can turn off your PC and the router will continue to download your torrents as you sleep.


The pricing for the 4 new models of the Belkin wireless router are as follows:

Belkin Wireless Router

  • Play Max Wireless Router (F7D4301) – SRP Php6,990
  • Share Wireless Router (F7D3302) – SRP Php3,790
  • Surf Wireless Router (F7D2301) – SRP Php2,990
  • Basic Wireless Router (F7D1301) ““ SRP Php1,990
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