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Belkin’s TuneBase FM wants to be your ultimate iPhone car kit

The Belkin TuneBase FM is a very handy contraption that could find its way into the car of iPhone or even iPod Touch users.

It’s main use is to transmit music coming from your iPhone to your car radio using ClearScan technology to find the clearest frequency signal possible. Because what’s the point of an FM transmitter when the signal you’re on is not that strong right?


Not only does this device transmit music but it will also output your calls through your car stereo system. If you receive a call, the music will fade out so you can have a hands-free speaker phone conversation going on inside your car.

The TuneBase FM has a convenient base stand that can be adjusted to fit your iPod Touch or iPhone even with their case on. It is plugged into your 12-volt lighter outlet so it can charge your iPhone at the same time. Very useful when you’re using it as a GPS. There’s also an additional USB port if you want to charge another device.

The only thing left this device can’t do is parallel park your car for you or drive your car via your iPhone. That would be extremely cool though.

This Belkin TuneBase FM has an SRP of  P3,990 and is distributed in the Philippines through MSI-ECS along with other Belkin products.

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