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BestBuy slashes price on BlackBerry PlayBook by $200

It’s not that the BlackBerry PlayBook sales was down but it was also not as RIM expected. And now that it’s out for a number of months, interest on the PlayBook is waning and along with the announcement of new and cheaper Kindle’s, RIM has to do something. So a price slash it is coming from BestBuy.


BlackBerry PlayBook is a very decent device on its own. It has an impressive set of specs which works really well with its QNX OS. But at a price that matches Apple’s iPad 2 or other Android tablets, one is most likely to make the PlayBook a third choice.

Now the PlayBook does a semi-HP TouchPad move with a $200 price slash on all its model. The 16GB version is now down to $299.99 which somewhat brings it closer to the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 WiFi. The 32GB is now at $399.99 while the 64GB is at $499.99. If you’ve been waiting for a price reduction on the PlayBook, this is it so you might wanna hook up with friends or relatives in the US to get you one.

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