Beware of fake Bad Piggies Chrome browser web apps

Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, released a new puzzle game late last month called Bad Piggies which is available only in iOS and Android platform. Chrome browser users however might check the Chrome Web Store to see if the game has been ported over so they can also play the game on their browsers.


You will be surprised that entering “Bad Piggies” on the search field of your Chrome Web Store will result to Bad Piggies and a lot of Angry Birds titles that looks rather dubious. Before you think that you can enjoy all types of Angry Birds games on your browser, you might want to resist clicking that install button.

Barracuda Labs reported that these are not legit games by Rovio. As you can see some of these come from a site called Installing these into your machine will prompt you to install plugins that you will give access to all your data in all websites that you visit. Sure there’s a game in there but it’s not the authentic one from Rovio, and you’ll also start seeing additional ads in sites that you frequent. Worst is you’ll be presenting your browsers to be hijacked by the plugin creator.

As of October 2, there are already 82,593 Chrome users who installed these ads-injected plugins and the number continues to grow. Google should have a better screening process before apps become available in their web store but until then, stay away from installing dubious-looking games for your Chrome browser. You might want to educate your kiddies as well.

[Barracuda Networks]
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