Beware of keygens, especially the Kaspersky Trial Resetter

Nicolas Brulez is a Lab Expert at Kaspersky and he mentioned in his blog recently about a new malicious application they found that disguises itself as a Kaspersky Trial Resetter, which is an application that can be used to reset a software evaluation period that has expired.

Anyway, the app is really a malware identified as Trojan-PSW.MIL.Agent.wx and instead of extending your software’s trial period, the Trojan steals information from an infected PC, including passwords saved in a web browser or by other applications installed in the PC.

The most targeted browser was Microsoft Internet Explorer, followed by Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera.

stolen accounts

The most stolen information were from MSN accounts with 400 reported cases. Ebay and Facebook accounts were also stolen, 175 and 169 cases, respectively.

Surprisingly, ICQ, an outdated Internet messaging service, was also largely targeted with 116 accounts stolen.

Other online service accounts that were stolen were from Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, and PayPal.

Brulez said the detected malware was found to have been created in January 31 this year and has been making the rounds infecting PCs until it was detected on February 6. In 23 days since its first detection, there already have been a total of 1,109 computers infected, or an average of 48 reported infections a day.

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  • This should be a warning for those freeloaders out there that wants kaspersky for free.

    Don’t download trial resetters. Period.

    1st, It’s illegal and it’s not cool. It’s like stealing. In a sense this is a digital product.

    Pinoy’s are such fund of having free stuff. Not knowing the possibilities of having a malware or etc.

  • raymund camat

    If only Pinoys have so much money, they’ll going to buy genuine software and not just avail KTR, which is risky as you have said.

    • Riclags

      And then there’s always FOSS that can be downloaded and used. Using a Linux-based OS is a good start…and you won’t probably need KTR.

  • mhon

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