Beyond I’s and Zero’s

The I’s and the Zero’s have nothing to do with the decrypted message at the Pentagon telling that there will be a Martian invasion on the 27th of August. This is about the Nokia phones that have the I’s at the end where I means an improved model of its predecessor that ends with the number zero. However, special cases where they think the improvements won’t make such an impact to the consumers would have the number 5 placed somewhere else. If it’s not a five, it has to be another number or a series of letters.

The Budget Phones: Nokia 3200 and Nokia 3205

Nokia 6230 and Nokia 6230i

Nokia 3200 and Nokia 3205 maybe similar to a pair of twins where they looked the same from head-to-foot but do have different personalities. The main attraction of the Nokia 3205 is its improvement of the image resolution of the camera from 352×288 pixels to 640×480 pixels which is the same as that of Nokia 6600 (available at a higher price).However, the battery life, the dimensions (where smaller is better) and the weight of Nokia 3205 was compensated for such improvement. A To Do List function was added to Nokia 3205 as an enhancement in its Organizer.

The Mid-range Phones: Nokia 6230 and Nokia 6230i

Nokia 6230 and Nokia 6230i

Like that of Nokia 3200 and Nokia 3205, the improvement made to Nokia 6230 to launch the Nokia 6230i is the camera. The Nokia 6230i’s predecessor has a built-in VGA camera that is capable of taking pictures with a 640×480 resolution which is incomparable to its 1.3 megapixel effective resolution. Another improvement to the Nokia 6230i is its larger screen having a resolution of 208×208 pixels. Another refinement to the Nokia 6230i is the Push-to-talk button where you can communicate via GPRS. You may now arm yourselves with the Alpha, Beta, and Kappa plus an Over and Roger for your walkie-talkie-speak. So far, I haven’t heard from any of the mobile networks here in the Philippines introducing this technology. Maybe if this technology introduced when GPRS access was still free, then let’s say bye-bye to making phone calls for the mean time while the telecom giants compute the costing of the GPRS that would make them say hello again.

The Series 60 Phones: Nokia N-Gage and Nokia N-Gage QD

Nokia N-Gage and Nokia N-Gage QD

Nokia N-Gage QD was made juicier with its addition of an external MultiMedia Card for expansion. However, features such as the Music Player (with MP3 and AAC support) and the FM radio found in the Nokia N-Gage have to give way for the improvements added. The Add-On camera feature and the Image Viewer made the rating of the Nokia N-Gage QD lower for the sociable gamer. Also, there are no pre-installed games in the premiere choice phone for the ultimate mobile gamer. However, you have an option to download games from N-Gage QD’s web-based browser to your phone and that is if you’re willing to pay the extra bucks. Freeware anyone?

If there has to be an improvement, there has to be a glitch which still would make it unperfect. It’s up to the consumer if he/she will digest the glitch like a kid that has to take in a jagged little pill.

[Source of photos of mobile phones – All images are edited by Karla Redor]
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