Bidshot full of Xs

Was surfing around Bidshot, one of the leading local auction sites (or used to be?) here in the Philippines, and I was annoyed to see so many xXx marks within the ad descriptions and messages.

Turns out Bidshot has gone full-strength in its filtering out of contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers. And they do this to the point that all possible spellings of numbers are blocked out.

So “network” would become “nexXxrk” because of the letters TWO within the word. “Phone” would be “phxXx” because of ONE.

I almost fell off my chair laughing.

I understand one of the site’s sources of income is its revenue-share from the SMS commands their readers issue (i.e. a share from the PhP 2.50/SMS charge). Hence they discourage direct communication among the traders/buyers/sellers, and therefore ban the posting of email addresses and mobile numbers.

So anything remotely resembling an email address or telephone number, even if spelled out or mal-formed would be filtered out.

But this is just too much.

Seems like the tech guys over at Bidshot used some crappy word-filtering technology for their site. Even legitimate keywords are filtered out to the point that item descriptions can be rendered meaningless to the untrained eye.

Check this out:

D-Link, the industry leader in wireless nexXxrking, introduces the new and improved DWL-650, part of the D-LinkAirTM family of award winning wireless products.

Of course, I can always guess–quite correctly–that nexXxrk means network! 🙂

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  • Tech solution to non-tech problem. They should just enforce the AUP and sanction violating users.

  • even filtering out all possible characters to post contact information, it can never be ended.

    “zr nyn tu sx fr eyt fv svn tu tu sx”

    still obvoius to the human eyes.

  • Can you post a picture with your number in it?

  • im a member of bidshot and is annoyed with this xXx banning. and yup there are lots of other alternative in posting contacts. putting picture with your contact is one. another is they dont allow numbers that are typed together but allows numbers that stand alone. so you just separate each number with ENTER and it will appear. separation with space wont work.

  • woozie

    Dapat maglagay na lang sila ng moderator to keep everything straight.

  • So have the the Bidshot users moved to eBay?