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Bioshock Infinite now available, free DLC for early gamers

Bioshock Infinite, Irrational Games’ third installment to the Bioshock franchise, is now available in the Philippines through an exclusive distributorship with X-Play Online Games, Inc.

Bioshock Infinite won over 75 awards, including the Game Critics Awards’ Best of Show at E3 2011.


This game is set in the early 1900s with the former Pinkerton Agent, Booker DeWitt. Contrary to previous Bioshock games, Infinite is set in a more “œdry” and less claustrophobic, flying city of Columbia. Booker is tasked to retrieve “œthe girl”.

With an array of skillset with weapons and psychokinetic powers augmented by “œthe girl”’s strange abilities, you’ll take on a first-person experience to fight their way past the mysterious Songbird, out of the flying city and ultimately, survive in one piece.

“œWe are very excited with our latest FPS offering” said Ron Aquino, GM of X-Play. “œThis game definitely offers a refreshing breadth of features that players look for in an FPS game that they cannot find in other titles.”

“œBioshock Infinite enables players to immerse in a story that is not only steeped in profound thrills and surprises, but also invests in its characters that will surely set the bar in gaming,” Ron continued.

Receiving 10/10s left and right by respected PC Gaming websites around the world, you can pre-order you own copy in the following accredited retailers:

Each copy is entitled to access a free DLC with exclusive contents. All they have to do is provide their contact information to any of the listed retailers above and a DLC code will be provided via SMS or e-mail. You need to get the game NOW as this offer expires midnight March 27, 2013.

There is also a premium edition for those hardcore, and even not so hardcore fans who want to get access to exclusive freebies and merchandise.

And for the most hardcore of fans, Bioshock Infinite is also available in a Songbird Edition which includes a limited edition 9.5 inch statue of the Songbird.

Both the Premium and Songbird edition comes with exclusive in-game gear as well.

Pricing as follows:

EditionPC PS3 XBOX
StandardPhp 1,895Php 2,295Php 2,095
PremiumPhp 3,295Php 3,350Php 3,350
SongbirdPhp 6,495Php 6,495Php 6,495
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  • I’ve played the first two Bioshock games and loved them. Definitely a different FPS experience than most games offer.

    • are you getting this one as well?