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BlackBerry Bold 9900 finallys get 7.1 OS update

What was announced by RIM early this year, the BlackBerry 7.1 OS update just made landfall here in the Philippines, and it’s only for Bold 9900 users at the moment.


With the new 7.1 OS update, Bold 9900 users can take advantage of new NFC feature called BlackBerry Tag. This allows NFC-capable Blackberries to share information and content simply by tapping the phones against each other. Invite a friend to BBM, exchange contact info, documents, URLs, photos, apps, multimedia content, these are possible with just a tap.

The latest update also gives Bold 9900 users the much-needed ability to share mobile internet by turning their phone into a mobile hotspot for up to 5 WiFi-enabled devices.

Ready to upgrade? You can do so by visiting ph.blackberry.com/update, or by using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software.

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  • Riz Tio

    How about BB 9360?

    • 9900 pa lang po advise sa amin. wala pa for 9360.

    • jay

      i have a bb 9360 and the os im using is 7.1 for two months. search for blackberry pinas forum there is information on how you can install the 7.1 version

  • Marvin

    Currently using a BB Desktop software, wala pa update for BB 9900

    • Yes, just checked it now. Still no update available for my Bold 9900.

      • Marvin

        OO nga. sabi din sa official blackberry mayroon na daw update for 9900 still 2 days na ako nag saksak/kabit sa desktop manager no update

  • Mage

    Thanks for the update.

  • Brian

    yay, Looking forward for OS7.1 for my Bold 9790. =)

    I love my BB

  • Brian

    How about for Bold 9790. cant wait to use my phone as MObile Hotspot!!

    • we’ll keep you posted sir.

  • Seems that this is just a Press Release. Connected my Bold 9900 with the Desktop Manager, and it says that my unit is up-to-date. Went to the Globe Telecoms Download Page in the BlackBerry web (http://us.blackberry.com/support/downloads/download_sites.jsp) and indeed, there’s the 7.1 upgrade. Doing it manually now!

    • Marvin

      I think may gagawin ka pang vendor.xml something to delete. I used to experiment with my bb 9700, but now medyo takot pa ako sa bb 9900 baka ma brick

  • Griswold

    Here they go again. matagal nang inannounce tapos ngayon lang dumating. because of delays napag-iiwanan talaga ang blackberry.

  • Ryan

    been waiting for the 7.1 for the longest time now. tried using my desktop manager same thing happens. even if I try checking OTA, says that my OS is up to date šŸ™

  • WIFI Hotspot? Will non-BB devices be able to connect and surf the internet? šŸ˜€

    • yup! that’s the plan so that people will stick to blackberry and their cheap internet plan.

  • Mike

    Mind posting your battery life usage with the bold 9900? Thanks!