BlackBerry PlayBook demoed, looks blazing fast

Here’s a short demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook using a Scrapbooking app made by The Astonishing Tribe that Research In Motion recently acquired. It shows how responsive the multi-touch is on the PlayBook in manipulating the photos and caption.

One word. Smooth. If RIM can make sure that all apps and games will perform as smooth as that Scrapbook app then the PlayBook will be one of those rare tablets having a really good user experience. If you’re not yet impressed, here’s another demo of the PlayBook playing Need for Speed Underground and at the same time being outputted to a HD TV and multi-tasked to a Quake demo game.

The dual-core processor on the PlayBook along with how the native OS was created sure makes it one powerful device. Hmm, I’m confused whether the BlackBerry PlayBook was developed primarily for enterprise users or the average consumer. Now if only RIM can tell us when the PlayBook is going to be released.

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