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Blizzard brings us motion control for Starcraft

If you think there’s no more innovation left for Real-Time Strategy (RTS) gaming then think again. Blizzard Entertainment is bringing us back to console with the Starcraft: Motion Overdrive.


This piece of Kinect-like hardware seats on top of your screen to detect the gestures that you will be using to control your army of zerglings or what have you. Check out the teaser video below:

From Blizzard Entertainment on the Starcraft: Motion Overdrive:

Combining advanced body tracking hardware of modern consoles with the exciting strategy gameplay of StarCraft II, StarCraft: Motion Overdrive will allow you to experience StarCraft like never before. Use gesture-based controls to direct your forces and out-move your enemies. Challenge your friends in intense multi-actor matches either locally via split screen or online. Wave your arms in the air like you do, in fact, care.

Of course, this teaser was launched on April 1 so you know what that means. Funny stuff though.

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  • I should have been more careful believing posts yesterday. It was after all, April Fools Day! 🙂

  • Joey

    Everyone knows this is an April fools joke because the Korean lost.

    • Messie




  • Disregarding april fools joke, this is possible if you integrate kinect drivers to interoperate with SC2 libs… I’ve seen MMO characters controled by kinect which was done by MIT students

  • CG

    Hmmm… It is great if its happen…