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Blizzard reveals new MOBA game, Heroes of the Storm

A sudden surge of gaming news hit the community as Blizzard announced its latest project, a new MOBA/ARTS (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena / Action Real Time Strategy) game named Heroes of the Storm. Formerly known as Blizzard All-Stars, HotS is a team based action/strategy game that offers Blizzard’s iconic characters from its successful franchises such as Kerrigan, Diablo, and Tyrael, and even Jim Raynor.


As announced by HotS game director Dustin Browder, you can battle out with the characters in different maps along with unique challenges each.

Heroes of the Storm Cinematic Trailer

Heroes of the Storm Gameplay Trailer

As a gamer who’s been tinkering with old franchises like Diablo and StarCraft recently, I am expecting this to be a nostalgic fix and a refreshing experience, as well as a good move for Blizzard to take in non-DOTA gamers but are fans of the franchises themselves.

Interested? Click here for the HotS beta sign-up page. We did.

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