Blog Bubble ready to burst?

There has been some bold predictions that the Blog Bubble is ready to burst. As expected, probloggers are quick to claim otherwise. It is a possibility, I know, but let’s write down a possible scenario.

  • Yahoo! feels that its Yahoo! 360 service could not catch up with Google’s BlogSpot and MSN MySpace so they quit the race.
  • Microsoft thinks blogging is not its battlefield so it scrapped MySpace even though they’re getting hundreds of thousands of bloggers every month.
  • AOL thought its $25 Million acquisition of WeblogsInc was a waste of corporate money and sells it to some blog spammer from Russia.
  • Google, apparently not happy that it could not get a share of AOL, pulls out AdSense from WeblogsInc.
  • Chitika is overwhelmed with fake clicks, MSN AdCenter and Yahoo! Publishers Network could not sell enough ads. AdSense lost in a court case for not disclosing/preventing fake clicks and was forced to shut down.
  •, BlogSome, LiveJournal, and BlogSpot services cease to offer free blog accounts.
  • Political bloggers could not find any issue to blog about. They went to watch Fear Factor and American Idol during their spare time.
  • Journalist bloggers are being shot at first sight in Iraq, China and Afghanistan. Bloggers are being served TRO in the Philippines for blogging.
  • Technorati, IceRocket and Feedster used up all its funding and closed shop.
  • Teenagers from across the globe left their blogs to the dogs and moved to Friendster. Oh wait, Friendster has a blog. But it couldn’t handle all the huge rush so it had to stop the blog service too.
  • Cheapest domains sell for $1,000 a year and hosting rates surpasses personal tax rates.

See, if all that happens, the Blog Bubble with surely burst.

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  • This bubble is not so much like the first bubble, the bubble is in the hype. There is some idea out there that blogging will make you rich. Yes its true there are bloggers out there who make a lot but there are a lot more bloggers that don’t, same with the network. A blog is a website and just like any website, if it has enough traffic and the right ads or revenue stream it will make money. Blogging specifically will not make you money. period. exclamation. exclamation. period.

    Its in this bubble that all the people are blogging thinking they will earn money ‘just because’ they are blogging will find out in the end its not all that.

  • The only thing I’ve noticed pertaining to this is that MySQL databases have ceased to be offered in unlimited amounts in hosting packages. (sorta related, but anyway)
    I still think the blogging bubble is far from bursting. The idea of blogging to make money is out there, yeah, but that’s not the first reason for it. I don’t think the potential revenue was what got Filipinos blogging, aside from cyberveterans.

  • Burst? … as in the tech industry bubble? Since when was blogging an industry?

  • Hmmm. I guess there’s so many blogs out there already so pro-bloggers need to make sure that there’s still something unique about his/her blog in order to be a success in terms of pro-blogging 🙂

    Blogging as industry?

    I guess one could say that there is one but it is not really something that you would see in the Philippines a lot, or maybe not everyone acknowledges the presence of pro-bloggers here. Blogging is also an aspect of several things but there’s a lot to think about…

  • When it bursts, I hope there’s a puddle of splogs. I recall another bubble that burst once: the dot com bubble, which saw Web1.0 go to Web2.0, or so it’s said.