Blogger for Word

A new add-in for Blogger users is now available. Bloggers can now update and edit their blogs using Microsoft Word; no need to open a browser.

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Downloading this add-in will allow you to:

  • Create a new post from your text document
  • Edit your last 15 Blogger posts
  • Save your update as draft
  • Uh oh, yet another way to blog safely at work. Something which most of us aren’t supposed to do 😉

    Download it here.

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    • As for blogging at work… You are right 😉

    • Google owns Blogger. Microsoft hates -and is dead-jealous of- Google.

      Therefore, Microsoft just might release an Office update that will stop the app to function 🙂

    • Then it’s up to the users to install the update that blocks the application. 😉