Blogs as source of News tech writer Erwin Oliva notes that there is a growing trend for news sites to get their source from blogs.

He quotes from a recent IT magazine article, ITJourno Asia:

Epitome: Bloggers pave the way for journos
By Tan Lili and Aaron Koh
26/01/2006 01:50:26 PM

Two tech reporters today based their stories on blog entries that are a tad controversial, but definitely newsworthy. Could this be a rising trend for news reporters? Erwin Oliva for INQ7 penned an interesting article on an “œalleged memo exposed by Filipino bloggers about a brewing marketing war between (Globe Telecom) and rival Smart Communications”.

(screenshot of the exclusive-for-journalists mag can be seen here)

We’re glad that the local blogging community is now being slowly accepted as credible sources of news, though I believe this has been a trend in the west for several years now.

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  • Fixed the link.:)

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