BOSE = buy other speakers elsewhere

I found this from Digg, where FirstAdopter aggregates several bad reviews on Bose.

The basic message is best voiced by

Bose, like Bang & Olufsen and Nakamichi, sell lifestyle and designer products whose prices are very heavily saturated by image and appeal. They are by no means, no means at all performance products. They have no cost-effectiveness, no bang-for-the-buck value, and draw no respect from any true audio enthusiasts. If your goal is to appeal to and impress housewives, then this system gets the job done, but if your goal is high fidelity, high performance, high endurance, upgradeability, and fair market value pricing then I would very highly suggest you look elsewhere

In the the 90s, I used to believe in Bose, until I found speakers that are similarly-priced but sound incredibly more crisp.  Now, I am a firm believer that when a company spends too much money on showrooms and glitz, then they are compensating for something.

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  • I am very happy with my 800 peso or so Boka!

  • [email protected] Meron din ako nyan!

    I’ve been at several tech-malls -why the f* don’t we have these back home- here in Shanghai, and there are some other Chinese-branded speaker systems that I’ve sampled which are very credible to the more known brands. IF ONLY I KNOW HOW TO SPEAK MANDARIN.

  • They probably are the OEM manufacturers for the branded guys.

    Tech malls – Gilmore not enough?

  • I agree, actually I have to return the 3.2.1 DVD system back to their store because I just thought that I could just plug my VCD videoke collections and sing my heart out but I was wrong, this thing doesn’t accept VCDs. I ended up going to circuit city ask the sales guy my plan and budget then he come up with a combo which is way cheaper than Bose 321 and best of all I have 60days trial period, which means If im not satisfied with the system i could return it no questions ask. Also, I manage to purchase a wow magicsing from my original budget!!

  • we uses chinese-brand of speakers.

  • arne

    Read the above reviews on the Bose – what speaker systems available in the Philippines would you recommend?

  • john bruise

    OK, so BOSE is not as good as the other more cheaper brand, mind if you tell us what these brands are.

  • eds g

    its true that bose is a lousy speaker system, but like everything else they do have a plus side, but for almost 100% of audiophiles out there, the benefits that bose offer simply doesnt matter..

    i know for certain that B&W speakers are far superior to bose systems, i bought a mordaunt-short thx set and i’m positive that what i bought is far superior to what i can get from bose. with that said, i really dont know which speaker systems would fall behind bose hehehe. the only positive benefit a bose system will get you is eye candy, its minimalist, tini tiny speakers and thats it, its pretty to look at.

    but! yes there is an exception to this.. a but! check out the Bose Companion 5 PC speaker set. it will blow your mind, both in performance and price! this relatively tiny 2.1 pc speaker set is a dream come true primarily for pc users – defined as people who watch tv, play video games, listen to music, and watch hi def material, dvd on their pc’s. it can simulate 5.1 environment and has a price tag of 25000 petot! but once you hear the companion 5 do its magic, its going to make you cough up them hard earned paper!

  • bombie

    Hello, I’ve been through several excellent performing speakers like Polk Audio, Boston Acoustics, Infinity, and Acoustic Research. All these speakers has there signature sound imaging. From the list I’m more into the Polks. Anyway, I think Bose speakers has also in them that keeps on amazing me. I’ve been through bose 301, and bose 201’s before and I think they indeed very good in sound imaging. Now I have the acoustimass15 home theater speakers with the small dual speakers. I admit that the small speakers alone can’t provide the whole spectrum of sound especially the lows, but the acoustimass subwoofer compensates it. So I think with bose tiny speakers now a days, they were built as a system to run with there own bose subwoofer system with the bose sound filtering technology.

  • Ed

    You will be better off with Polk, Vifa, Velodyne, or some “Parts Express” Dayton speakers or some brand available at Madison Audio in the U.S. I had been listening to Polk Audio speakers for over 25 years, own numerous pairs from over 20yrs SDAs to LSi and Polk never failed to impress me. I owned a pair of Klipsch too, but I favored the Polks.

    Now, how to get them if you are in the Philippines? Have somebody order it from Polk or any source, then send it thru “Balikbayan” box. American brand speakers are built to last not like those generic ones which sounds good after a few months then becomes dull. The vintage audio is gaining back because the present products with brand names are inferior, built to make money, and done with a lot of shortcuts. I own numerous U.S. made audio components (Haflers, Acurus, Aragon, Phase Linear, Bryston, U.S. made Adcoms, modified Apt-Holman)and speakers except for the Onkyo 838 which is still going strong. If you buy Japanese amps and preamps, stick with the vintage “made in Japan” like Sansui, Nakamichi, Yamaha, Onkyo. These vintages are almost indestructable and are being sought after in the U.S. The newer products of these brands (especially the cheap ones) are light and sonically inferior.

    By the way, Vifa is used by a lot of U.S. speaker builders including Polk Audio. I don’t have any association with Vifa either. There’s a lot of oustanding electronics technicians in the P.I. all they need is a good product and can compete with popular speaker builders.

  • Dubliner

    Speakers, speakers…for me, the best sounding speakers are the one that can satisfy the listeners taste and can give value for every penny you spend on your budget. And regarding Bose, I can feel that every Bose Model is overpriced. It does not give the value for the money you give. What you are paying for Bose is its Cosmetic and compact design. Bose sound is not natural, its ANIMATED instead. That’s how I listen to it. It gives you bright high frequencies which does not give like “the natural sound of the cymbals”. Its low frequencies are loose and not tight. The vocals doesnt sound like the normal or natural voice. It’s tweeters delivers high frequencies that penetrates your ears like a needle pricking your eardrum. It sounds harsh rather than sweet to the ears. In simple term, it does not deliver the full bandwith sound. And they are still using paper cones to their drivers unlike others that uses Kevlars (B&W & Wharfedales), MMP-MK11 & C-CAM (Monitor Audio), CPC cones (Mordaunt Short), And Bose cant be Bi-Amp. That’s why Bose cant compete to the likes of the sound of, Monitor Audio, Acoustic Energy’s, Kef’s, Tannoy’s, Wharfedale’s and yes, the B&W’s & Mordaunt Short’s, just to name a few in its class. These loudspeakers, if you’ll hear their sounds, it will give you more pleasure and satisfaction to the music that you listen to because it delivers a clear, cool and natural sound. Its just sweet to the ears. It is very articulate to the point that the sound it delivers is very well detailed and discrete, like if you’re listening to an Orchestra, you can really hear and feel the realness of the sound of the instruments being hit on your front, right and left . I was an avid fan of Bose before though because there’s no other good speakers available in the Phils that I can listen to and compare , but since I heard the sound of other speakers like what I had mentioned, I totally dropped bose from my list. For you guys whose planning to buy speakers, remember not all expensive speakers are good. Look for the one that will suit your budget and taste and purpose and dont forget the most important thing, to Listen to it before you buy.

  • Boc

    on my opinion bose are somewhat already pre-setup built for those who want to plug and play. there many inexpensive speakers thet will satisfy your hearing and cure your itchy hands of changing settings from time to time. I own jbl l5s and harman kardon speakers and subs that is connected to my harman kardon avr and marantz amp and it suits me. everyday is a discovery every movie is a diff. setup

  • rolls

    I am not against any other maker,like any other audio listener out there,hearing is believing so if they think
    they are satisfy with the product they presently own so be it.One cannot be acclaimed nest product on the market today if it doesn’t meet the criteria.Bose is not the best but it can compete with some name speaker.It’s not considered high end but the sound can be label that way.Generic speaker from china is good but only for sometimes.I have been hearing the sound of branded speakers like paradigm,klipsch,cerwin vega and Nautilus from B&W to name a few,they deliver a very good sound,no doubt about that.But hearing the sound of Bose is by far not piercing to the ear.

    • Jho

      seryoso ka?have you tried the bose speaker? kung oo what bose speaker product have you tried? also ano product ng bose at product ng iba ang pinag compare mo be specific? sagutin mo yan at sasabihin ko sau kung ano product ng bose ang babagay sau.
      By the way ano ba good sound sau?

  • Migs

    Mga Tanga lang nag sasabi ng negatibo sa BOSE. Mga Bingi lang nag sasabi na di maganda tunog ng Bose kumpara mo sa B&W Polk etc..
    Kahit saang lupalop kayo ng mundo pumunta wala parin makakapantay sa LINIS. KLARADO. tunog ng bose!!! Wag mag comment ng pangit sa bose kung ang alam nyo lang pakinggan eh puro R&B music. Wag mag tanga tangahan!

    • Yeah you are right. There are so many Know-it-alls in when it comes to music and sound. Most of these trolls lambast Bose possibly just to be in and ride the bandwagon thinking it will make them look smarter. And when somebody asks, why they don't like the sound of Bose speakers, they readily say "because it's expensive, . . . or overpriced." Wtf, they don't like Bose's sound because of the price? Where are these people getting their logic?

      I've owned mid-priced speakers myself starting with Bose C5, a Harman Kardon soundsticks III, a Klipsch Promedia 2.1 and an Emotiva 4. I owned the Bose C5 first but discarded it following bloggers' comments on what is supposed to be the best mid-priced speaker out there. After trying out the rest, I'm planning to buy again another Bose C5. The other speakers just don't have it and they just can't compare with the sound Bose produces.

  • Jho

    Ung iba nag comment dito na negative sa bose eto masasabi ko ang product ng bose ay my sarili cliente what i mean is that my certain na product sa bawat cliente depende sa pag gagamitan ng speaker, lugar, kung my existing na idadag etc. example ung isa nag comment dito regarding sa bose 321 gagawin mo pang karaoke ang 321 using VCD bakit kaya di ka nalang bumili ng DVD format kaya nga 321 dvd diba? isa pa ung 321 is not for karaoke my ibang product si BOSE na pwede mong gamitin for KARAOKE like 301, L1 or even 901 but not 321. 321 is best for movies and music sa average size lang na room yan nilalagay kasia my technology cia ng simulation ng 5.1 so dapat atleast my binabangaan cia na pader para makuha mong mabuti ung surround effect nia. Ang bose walang tatalo sa kanila interms sa Clarity and ung crisp sound and pag nag start kana gumamit ng BOSE hindi ka na aalis kasi my hahanap hanapin ka na di mo mahahanap sa iba.

  • virgie

    I think ihave to respect each opinion but favor those who says bose is delivering crisp and clear definition of true sound,awarding company whose expertise in sound is not foolish enough to award most of bose product.i think these people have hearing impairment of which their hearing is no longer
    Normal.should i say 20/20.anyway nice to hear from you guys.

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  • lawrence

    Hi guys is anyone can guide where to find a Canton Ergo 695dc floorstanding Speaker.. thanks in advance.